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Spurs face first must win of the season

PtR member AusTechSpur already submitted a game thread and his thoughts are definitely worth reading. I disagree, however, with two things he wrote.

First, I think the officiating has only slightly favored the Hornets, no where near to the point where it's even worth mentioning.

Second, I think we should go under the screen and roll against Paul. It's how we handled him the first half of game 1, which also happened to be our best half of the series. Paul's a decent, but not deadly, 3P shooter (36.9%). More importantly, he plays with the penetrate and dish mentality. He doesn't look to shoot the outside jumper. I'm not saying he can' t make that shot, but it's not how their offense works, and I'm all for taking them out of their offense. All those highlight reel alley-oops? They're off the pick and roll. Going under the screen prevents the "roll" from being a factor. Also, this has the added benefit of preventing Tim from having to guard the pick and roll. If Tim has a defensive weakness, that's it.

Bowen, of course, has to guard Peja. I doubt Pop will start the game this way due to his world PtR renowned stubborn streak. Like I said before the series started, Bowen needs to "decimate the fragile psyche of Peja Stojakovic. That should take about, I don't know, two and a half quarters." I'm reminded of the Detroit series of 2005, when the entire sports world knew Bowen should be guarding Billups, and yet Pop waited until the fourth quarter to unleash the hounds. Nearly gave me a blood clot.