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Oh. My. God.

Jesus H. Christ on a tricked-out Segway, what a game.

After the game Shaq had the following to say:

"I just wanted to play aggressive, but the floppers prevailed today. Amare and myself are going to continue to play aggressive,'' O'Neal said of his foul trouble. "Hopefully those guys will compete rather than just fall down.''

You know what Shaq? You really need to just shut the fuck up. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Was your first foul caused by a flop? Yep. But why did you swing your arm into Oberto anyway? You were three feet from the basket. You're seven feet tall. Oberto's like 6'-9" in heels. What's the problem? Seriously. Just shut the fuck up. And sweet Baby Jesus in a manger you were so fucking incredibly horrible tonight on defense. Just downright embarrassingly pathetic. I have never, ever, ever seen worse pick and roll defense in my entire life. How bad were you Shaq? Allow me to illustrate. (That means I'm going to paint a picture, but with words. (Words are those small black things that confuse you.))

Let's say the Spurs could reincarnate the 1979-80 version of George Gervin. Furthermore, let's say he was being guarded by a paraplegic. Who'd fallen out of her wheelchair. And was unconscious. I would still want Gervin to pass the ball to Tony or Manu so they could run pick and roll with Duncan. That's how fucking horrible you are. Are you just lazy? Do you have really bad corns that limit your mobility? Do you think the Spurs would eventually miss a layup?

Do you think if you talk enough people will gloss over the fact that Tim Duncan, the guy you were brought to stop, just dropped 40 on your fat ass? 16-24. And that three. Ouch. But hey that's not your fault. You were busy standing at the free throw line where you were intently guarding, uhh, the free throw line. You had that shit locked down, bro. Oh, and you had 5 rebounds. To be fair, they were whole rebounds. No half rebounds in there. Of course when you on the court the Spurs shot 97%, so there weren't many boards to be had.

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