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You Want Me To Talk About the Spurs? The San Antonio Spurs?

Here is your recap, your eulogy of the Utah Jazz and your playoff preview against the Phoenix Suns, all in one tidy package. Sorry to step on whoever's toes about the recap, I hope you don't mind too much that I did it.

The big story is that tomorrow I'm gonna be on ESPN radio in LA for five minutes to talk about the Spurs and about this site so I was inspired to write so I could have some steam going in and not sound like a complete retard who hasn't followed the team all that passionately for the past two months. I am definitely not the best Spurs fan right now, and haven't been most of the year, but I will endeavor to be Mr. Blogger Extraordinaire for the playoffs, especially if our club does the unexpected advances through this ridiculous gauntlet.

Tune in if you can, I guess. Through podcasts or downloads or whatnot. I really should know more about this stuff, but I don't. It's been kind of a last second deal. Frankly I have no idea why they want to talk to us. The Lakers aren't even playing the Spurs. Is it to make fun of bloggers? Why us, out of anyone?

Any joke suggestions?