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Bored at Home with Nothing to Do for Once

For once I woke up without nary a care or a responsibility, so I went on the computer and check up on my favorite blogger/sports owner/douchebag. He wrote some dumb thing about foreign sports ownership, and here was my witty comment, which to my shock hasn't been deleted by his Nazi mods yet. ts

53. Man, speaking of foreign ownership your boy Dirk fucking OWNED that weaksauce Russian the other night. That was MAD GANGSTA SHIT YO!!! JIGGA JIGGA JIGGA WHAT!!!

Right now you guys are straight up BALLIN!!

As a Spurs fan, I sure wouldn't want to run into the Mavs in the playoffs, no doubt. The way they're playin', I don't think anyone is gonna have to worry about that though ::giggles::

Totally looking forward to your post in mid-April about how Stern should change the playoff format so the best 16 records get in and not just the best 8 in the West. Promise a brotha you'll do this if you can't fight off the Suns for the 8 seed, aiiiight?

I can't wait until you buy the Cubs and lead them to the same level of quasi-psedo-Diet Coke level of contention that has been the trademark of your basketball franchise. Because that's what the Cubs fans want: To be competitive. They don't want to actually win the World Series or anything....

P.S. Can you even smell the Spurs butts from your place in the standings or are they just too damn far away?