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Well this wasn't pleasant news to wake up to. Hamit Altintop, midfielder for Bayern Munich and one of Turkey's three or four best players, broke a bone in his foot during a friendly with Belarus and is now doubtful for Euro 2008.


You people don't understand. I've almost been looking forward to the Euros more than I am to the Spurs playoff run. This is the first significant soccer tourney my homeys will be a part of since the '02 World Cup. And now we have to go at it with out Altintop (literally translated his surname means "Goldenball" - Turks are weird).

In fact there is a small chance that the Turks and the Spurs could play on the very same day once or twice. But the Spurs would have to make it to the Finals I think for that to happen. Such a thing would probably lead me to having a heart attack.