Notes from the Wiz game

My karma-cup runneth over lately, in the form of a hot little blonde with a pair of tix for the Spurs-Wizards game, so I thought I'd share the love with a few observations:

  • Our new PG is a midget. A midget who drives the lane and misses ridiculous double-clutch layups. But he can knock it down from the outside, which is fortunate, because nobody else was striking from deep yesterday until Horry woke up. I will be calling him 'Midge' for the foreseeable future.
  • I think that Michael Finley is part of a running bet that Pop has with Buford. "I'll bet Mike can clang a half-dozen wide-open shots, and we'll still win." He did, and we did. I'm still not happy.
  • Robert Horry is like a pair of earmuffs - he may look silly and be completely useless most of the time, but when you're cold as hell he can come in very handy. Big Shot played the wily veteran card in the fourth quarter, shoving and grabbing and sinking the buckets that took the air out of the surging Wiz.
  • Ginobili's little dagger to put the game away for good? Sickening. I don't think he'd even landed after that little 'I know kung fu' mid-air turnaround jumper before I was screaming at him for not doing that the entire game.
  • Even with Arenas out, the Wizards aren't really all that bad a team. Blatche can flat-out play, when he decides to.
  • Isn't Ime Udoka supposed to be some kind of 3-point threat? No? Okay then.
  • Parker needs to come back. NOW. I'm kinda fond of Midge, actually, but Pop has mischeviously concocted way too many lineups in which nobody on the court is capable of scoring. This is not good.
  • Come to think of it, where was Tony? The aforementioned Hot Little Blonde was hoping for an Eva sighting, but I couldn't even spot the man himself.
  • Timmy has great abs. Seriously.
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