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All is Right with the World

Fuck the Patriots. Fuck Bill Belichick. Fuck Tom Brady. (And a hearty "screw you" to Bill Simmons, too.)

In the end, they got what they deserved. They made this season about perfection, about 19-0, about blowing people out, and in the end they lost what the season is really about, the Super Bowl.

Now they're just another Super Bowl loser. And with Congress getting involved and Spygate expanding to their Rams Super Bowl victory their whole legacy is at question.

A couple moments of the game I wanted to highlight: Belichick throwing the challenge flag on the punt in order to get the 12 men on the field penalty called against NY. He was well within his rights to do that, but oh, oh so fucking chicken shit. I thought football was a man's game? Poor form.

Moment # 2. Third quarter, NE up 7-3 with 4 and 13 at the NYG 31. Belichick, being the raving lunatic that he is, went for it. Idiotic. It's one thing to go for it when it's 4th and short at the opponent's 40. But 4th and 13 when you're in FG range? Yeah, it would have a long FG, but you're on a perfect surface playing indoors and your kickers long is 52. Plus you're only up 4 points. And it's fucking 4th and 13! What the hell are the chances of converting that? 1 in 10 at best?

In the regular season you can do this sort of thing; go for ridiculous 4th downs, run up the score, etc. Because then you're trying to throw shit in everyone's faces, you're trying for the elusive 19-0. You lose and it's no big deal. But you carried that egotistical attitude into the Super Bowl. And you lost. And it's a big deal.

18-1. Put that on a shirt and wear it with pride.