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Mavericks Add Jason Kidd, Spurs Fans Rejoice

I follow the Spurs and have missed only a handful of games since the beginning of 04-05 season. I know the strengths as weaknesses of the team as a whole. I know what type and which specific defenders give our individual players trouble.

Maybe the acquisition of Jason Kidd helps the Mavericks as a whole. Maybe the Mavericks were getting overpowered by larger point guards or needed help on the glass. Maybe they needed a guy to brick wide open jumpers. I don't know. I don't follow the Mavs.

But I follow the Spurs and can say unequivocally and without a doubt that the Mavericks no longer have a shot to beat the Spurs in the playoffs. Allow me to quote the esteemed Michael Erler:

The fourth got hairy and the Mavs started to slowly chip their way into it here and there. Why you ask? Well the main culprit, I hate to say it, was Tony Parker. Sorry, there's just no way to sugarcoat it. He just sucks against these guys. Devin Harris is in his head. Tony has been passing it so well and been so smart taking care of the ball all year, but against these guys he keeps looking like a rookie, going one-on-five, letting Dallas' defense bait him into mistakes and stupid shots time and again.

Mr. Erler is absolutely right. Parker's poor play against the Mavs has been almost entirely due to the defense of Devin Harris. He guards Tony better than any other player in the NBA and it's not really close. He draws charges, he squeezes around screens and he takes it right back at Tony on offense.

Now the Mavericks have traded Tony Parker's kryptonite for Jason Kidd. His defensive strengths are his ability to defend bigger guards and his rebounding proficiency. Neither of these things will help him stay in front of Tony Parker, something he has no hope in doing. The Mavs may have bettered their chances against the likes of the Lakers and the Suns, but they better hope they don't face the Spurs in the playoffs.