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Another Shirt (Except this One Rules)

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Ginobili on the front, Erler on the back:

The league and its fans have been looking for the Great White Hope ever since Bird retired. The problem is nobody imagined he would come from Argentina.

Part of me really wanted to put the quote on the front and the photo on the back, but I thought more people would like it this way.

And yes, I know Ginobili isn't white. Stampler's point is still the same: the people who clamor for the days of Bird are missing someone built in his image. No, he's not the quality of player Bird was. But he's a truly great player who's won everywhere he's played. He's probably the fiercest competitor in the league and he plays like his opponents' names and stature don't matter to him. He doesn't care. He really, truly, doesn't give a shit (except when he stuffed Lebron's weak ass shit; he might have cared then).

He just fucking plays.

He's underpaid. He just plays. He's benched. He just plays. He takes cheap shots. He just plays. His coach repeatedly throws him under the bus. He just plays.

P.S. Zazzle may yank this shirt pretty quick. I don't know. My understanding of copyright law is that this is perfectly legal. I wouldn't do it otherwise.