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Game Thread #19: vs Warriors

I went to bed three hours ago at 9:30. I was exhausted. I was up late watching the game against the Nuggets last night. I had to get up early to take the dog to the vet. I was in meetings all day. I've been fighting off illness all week. I was exhausted. I went to bed.

However, two hours in I woke up. My wife is sick with a hacking cough that won't quit, I have a dog walking around with an e-collar rubbing the walls, and I have a female dog who won't stop talking. So here I sit, working on the game thread in the middle of the night unable to sleep.

It's a damn good thing the Spurs weren't soft against the Nuggets because I would be mad about that too. As it is, the Thursday night win feels like a statement game. Maybe we are getting down to business now. I don't know about Pop, but I have upgraded us. We aren't cottony soft, we are pillow top soft.


It's the late night slumber party. We are staying up all night, bouncing on mattresses, and having a pillow fight. I'm predicting a fun night and a full house. As a bonus, I'm giving out NoDoz. So come on over.

Game Time: 7:30
TV: KRRT in SA, TWC Channel 12 in Austin
Officials: Willard

Softish PG
Softish SG
Tim Duncan
Softish PF
Michael Finley
Softish SF


Nelly Baller

Nelly Baller

9M/y Really?

Big Galoot

Nelly Baller
images via
5-5 Home 3-5
5-3 Road 2-9
93.5 Offense 106.0
92.8 Defense 110.3
45.9 FG% 44.4
38.5 3-pt% 30.7
75.7 FT% 75.2
39.6 Rebounds 42.8
13.0 TO's 14.8



I got a big box. Who's going to get them?

  • Point Guard -Two guys who don't like to share. Actually, Tony does pass sometimes. Jamal is a straight chucker. NoDoz goes to Tony. We want him staying up with us tonight because Jamal won't share the toys. Tony might not want to share but we can just threaten him and he'll give them up.
  • Off Guard - Our man Captain Jack against our man Manu. This is SUCH a tough call. Jack is good-hearted but explosive. Manu is just the coolest ever. I hate to make one stay home. Open up Manu, you are not slumbering at this party. NoDoz is on us.
  • Center - Tim vs Andris Biedrins. Golden State of Mind calls him Beans. I like it. I have Tim at center tonight because I expect BonBon to start and BonBon is not a center. Period. End of discussion. Tim wins a double shot of NoDoz in a landslide. 1) I don't want anybody named Beans at my slumber party. I'm the farter, nobody else. 2) Tim's the kind of guy that will go around giving people wedgies. You have to have somebody like that keeping everybody on their toes.
  • Power Forward - BonBon against the Turiaf. I'm not sure how I stand here. I'm either taking both or neither. RedRocket will obviously be the guy EVERYBODY picks on -- he was fun last time though -- and Turiaf will obviously be the guy NOBODY picks on. Do I want those elements at my party? There. I said it. You guys stay home.
  • Small Forward - FinDog or The Magette. This is easy. Magette will be going hard all night. I might not even have to give him NoDoz. But I will anyway, because he might pull a Carmelo and flip the hell out.
  • Bench - Puh-leeze. This is a gimme. If you think I'm not having an Albatross and a Jedi-freaking-knight at my party you are no longer invited. Even the The JV gets to come because we have to pull the ol' hand in a bucket of warm water trick on somebody.
  • Coach -No PARENTS. That's the rule. But, if I have to have one, I'm going with Pop because I drink wine. Wine and NoDoz, what a combo.
  • Intangibles -The Spurs have had slumber parties before. We are partying in our own house. We know where all the good places to hide are and where the liquor cabinet is.
  • Winner -There is going to be a lot of black and silver at the party. Extra NoDoz for everybody.

Keys To The Game

  • Suckitude - We ended the suckitude streak in Denver. Let's get this going again. No sucking.
  • Softness - We were animals on the boards against the Nuggets out-rebounding them by 14 and just killing on the offensive glass early. We'll need more of that against the Warriors
  • Offense - Pop likes to say we can't score with people. We have to get stops. Well, the Warriors don't play that. They give up over 110 points per game. We'll need to score.

Some other reading

Golden State of Mind has THE strangest arrangement. What appears to be the main blogger is YaoButtaMing. His favorite player is Yao, but his team is the Warriors. Is this allowed? How do you guys feel about it?

Other things of possible interest

Jamal Crawford and Stephen Jackson are some pair of backcourt mates: Jamal's Warriors numbers: 20.6 pts on 38% FG and 32% 3-pt while shooting 7 3-ptrs per game. Jack comes in with some of the worst offensive numbers I have ever seen. 20.6 pts on 39% FG and 28% 3-pt while 6 3-ptrs a game. Oh wait, those are as bad as Jamal's.

Not to rip on guys I don't know and not to stroke Powell, but... I took a look at the live blog for the Nuggets game at ProjectSpurs and......Powell's right, in my opinion.

Recap: Stampler. I want the mega-recap. Games 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 and this one. I have laid down the gauntlet. Step up or Hipuks and I are going to codependency counseling.