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Game Thread #18: at Nuggets

Spike Lee did "Get On The Bus", I'm doing "Thrown Under The Bus". If we play many more games like the Pistons game I will start throwing people under the bus.

Our starting guards are the two people in the most danger of getting chucked under big yellow. You can come in if you want, but you better not be soft. If you are, under the bus you go.

Game Time: 9:30
Officials: Callahan

Sucky PG
Sucky SG
Fabricio Oberto
Sucky C
Tim Duncan
Michael Finley
Sucky SF


The Beast



Miss Piggy

Mile High
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5-5 Home 7-2
4-3 Road 6-4
92.6 Offense 102.2
92.8 Defense 97.6
45.7 FG% 46.2
38.8 3-pt% 34.5
74.7 FT% 77.8
39.2 Rebounds 41.5
12.9 TO's 15.9


  • Point Guard - All Chauncey. He's a real point guard. Tony is soft.
  • Off Guard - Dahntay. He's healthy and doesn't turn the ball over every other possession and he isn't soft.
  • Center - Nene. Brazil over Argentina every time. Plus, he's athletic and can score and rebound and isn't soft.
  • Power Forward - Kenyon. He's not semi-soft like Tim.
  • Small Forward - Carmelo. He can make shots when he's open and he's not soft.
  • Bench - Denver. They have JR Smith. We have Bruce Bowen. They have Chucky Atkins. We have The JV.
  • Coach - Karl. When your team is playing really well, look at the coach. When your whole team is soft, look at the coach.
  • Intangibles - Denver. They are at home. They are playing really well going 9-2 in their last 11. We aren't playing well.
  • Winner - Denver. We don't have a cotton balls chance in hell.

Keys To The Game:

  • Suckitude - Wow, we sucked worse against the Pistons than against Houston. Who'd a thunk it possible?
  • Softness - Pop calls us soft. I guess, but I call it apathetic. We didn't look like we wanted to play. Everything was half-ass. Half-ass passes. Half-ass cuts. Half-ass hustle. Half-ass is ugly to watch.

Some other reading:

If you go to Pick Axe And Roll, you won't find any trade talk. That's what happens when your team plays well. And with heart.

Other things of possible interest:

We have a shot at a 3-game losing streak.

We are 5-5 at home. That's lousy.

Tony Parker wasn't traded today.

Pop is still our coach.

Ian Mahinmi DID, in fact, hurt his ankle in the first Toros game and was only recalled so they could monitor his rehab. Don't expect to see him in a Spurs uniform any time soon.

Recap: Bren and SiMA are doing recaps, I believe.