Well, I'll be the first (this season) to propose it

Is this premature? Yes. Is it likely inflammatory? Yes. Would it be imprudent, irresponsible and downright foolish? Yes, yes and yes.

But I'm going to toss this out there anyway, because, well, it's the intertubes, gentlemen -- also, it's fun to dream weird dreams from time to time. In that spirit, here goes.

With all of the backcourt depth we suddenly have, and in view of Frenchie McWonderbutt's performance against the Rickets (vis-à-vis TP's play where he ignored an open Masonic to shoot and miss a long, ill-advised jumper himself) what kind of forward/center could we get for Mr. Longoria?

Yes, I'm wondering who we could hope to get back in a trade involving a Tony Parker and a team willing to give up a good big for him. Who, outside of our division, has a need for a point guard and has an extra frontcourt hoss that could help us with our rebounding/defending-the-paint issues?

Any ideas?

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