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Game Thread #21: vs Hawks

I just LOVED that win. Loved it. What a great W to get in Dallas.

Tonight it's the Hawks. A solid team.

It's cold. It's sleeting. We won't be rolling along any beaches today.

But we will take down the Hawks.

Game Time: 7:30
Officials: Derosa

Can't Pass
Can't Shoot
Tim Duncan
Can't Suck
Can't Defend
Michael Finley


1st Rnd, 2nd Pick

1st Rnd, 10th Pick

1st Rnd, 3rd Pick

1st Rnd, 17th Pick

1st Rnd, 2nd Pick
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6-5 Home 7-1
6-3 Road 5-7
97.0 Offense 97.9
94.1 Defense 96.8
46.5 FG% 45.7
39.0 3-pt% 40.2
75.4 FT% 74.9
40.2 Rebounds 40.5
12.8 TO's 14.3


  • Point Guard -Bibby is shooting very well this year from the field. Interestingly, he has only been to the line 32 times in 19 games. He doesn't stand a chance against Tony.
  • Off Guard - i hate it, but I have to give the edge to Joe Johnson on this one. Manu hasn't quite captured his game yet.
  • Center - Tim. Period.
  • Power Forward - Josh Smith is a great athlete and a force for the Hawks defense. BonBon can shoot. Edge to Josh, but if Matty has a couple more games like he did against the Mavs he might get a nod here soon.
  • Small Forward - Marvin Williams I guess.
  • Bench - Their bench is Zaza, Flip, and Mo. I'll take Mace Windu and George. Expect out bench to get a lot of time tonight.
  • Coach -Pop. He did some coaching last night. Maybe he isn't too tired.
  • Intangibles -Both teams are in the second of a back-to-back, but the Spurs played 2OT's with the big 3 logging heavy minutes. The Hawks are younger so I think it will be to their benefit.
  • Winner -We should execute ourselves a victory. It will be tied going into the 4th and we will pull away and win by 10.

Keys To The Game

  • The Bench - Our bench will need to provide some points and some stops. Look for Mason and Hill to each have 10 shot attempts. Ime, Bruce, KT, and Fab are going to have to combine to make the Hawks miss and clean up afterward.
  • Start- Can we get out of the gate OK? I'd be happy if we end the first down 4.
  • Manu- Manu needs to get his shot going. He's not finishing around the rim like he normally does, his in between game is off, and he went 2-9 from 3-pt last night.

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I'm tired and I'm going to bed.