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GameThread #5: vs Heat

I sure hope we get to see Hill and Chalmers go head-to-head tonight.

Feel the sizzle of the fajitas and put lots of jalepenos on tonight as we host the Heat.

Open the tortilla and look inside to see what's cooking.

[Sorry about getting this up so late. It was a hectic day.]

Game Time: 7:00 Spurs Time


Findog_medium Fab_medium
1-3 Tony Parker FinDog Fab Tim Mr Potato Head
2-2 Mario Chalmers Dwayne Wade Udonis Haslem Michael Beasley Shawn Marion
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Officials: Derosa, Fraher, Poole

Keys To The Game:

Chalmers: Can the rookie come close to containing Tony?

Beasley: Will he be able to pull Tim away from the basket? If so, Tim could have some trouble with him.

Rebounding, rebounding, rebounding. And defense. And defensive rebounding.

Some other reading:

You can find a preview by the enemy at Peninsula is Mightier.


Some thoughts on Roger Mason: I like Roger Mason because he can score without somebody else creating the opportunity for him. While he won't be the spot up shooter Brent was, I think he is much better for us offensively. Overall, I think Roger is a HUGE step up from Brent Barry (I guess the BlackBarry might be offensive, but it is cleverly geeky). In that regard, I think our team is better than last year. If Ime can get his production and minutes back, I expect we will start to see much less of FinDog. Bruce, Manu, Roger, and Ime is a pretty solid four guys at the two wing positions. And if George Hill can get some consistency, with a little Roger and Manu at the point in times of need, The JV's minutes may disappear. Now if we can only get Tolliver and Mahinmi on the floor we may get Bonner taken care of as well.