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GameThread #4: at T'wolves

It's the Spurs worst start in their NBA history. Holy cow! Let's panic!

Come on in to the Panic Room. It's dark, it's scary, and I might grab you in your privates when you least expect it.

Findog_medium Fab_medium
0-3 Tony Parker FinDog Fab Tim Mr Potato Head
1-2 Al Jefferson Ryan Gomes Cory Brewer Mike Miller Randy Foye
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Officials: Dan Crawford, Blair, Stafford

Keys To The Game:

Can a brother get a 'W'?: We just need a win. Any win.

The boards: This will remain on the list until we out rebound somebody. Last night we got beat on the boards by 11. To be fair, we missed way more shots than they did. Oh wait, but they still had more offensive rebounds than we did. I think Pop is going to have to pull out the 'soft' rant a little early this year. Kurt and Fab COMBINED for zero rebounds in 26 minutes. Our "starting" centers COMBINED for zero rebounds in 26 minutes. SERIOUSLY.

Some other reading:

Go get yourself a little T'Wolves info at Canis Hoopus.

I also found this out on the internet. It's about the Spurs. It's by Stampler.


How about that George Hill? He looked good in his first playing time. How's Donte Greene doing?

I'm completely befuddled by the Bruce Bowen situation. Bruce didn't play in the second half against the Mavs. He logged 12 minutes. He's averaging 18 minutes per game. Normally, I would write this off to Pop reducing his veterans' minutes to keep them fresh. However, Tim logged 40 minutes for the second straight game.

I for one, don't believe Bruce has slipped that precipitously. Is he bad on offense? Yes, but no worse than he has been for the last 6 years. Has he slipped on defense? Probably. But not that much. He's still better than Finley, who by the way is pulling down 30 minutes a game.


Bones, you are on it.