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GameThread #3: vs Mavericks

Our beloved Spurs are still searching for the first win of the year. Come on in and see what this wild and crazy game thread has to offer you.

This way, follow me.

Our Spurs: 0-2

Forces of Evil: 1-2

Our Starting Spurs:

Findog_medium Fab_medium
Tony Parker FinDog Fab Tim Mr Potato Head

Primary Forces of Evil: Jason Kidd, Antoine Wright, Erick Dampier, Dirk Nowitzki, Josh Howard

Officials: Rush, Guthrie, Zielinski

Keys To The Game:

Who covers Dirk: Bruce hasn't been getting many minutes. Fab hasn't played yet this year. Tim and Kurt aren't good matchups. I say, expect to see some Anthony Tolliver on him [Update: Tolliver is still out].

The boards: We are getting out-rebounded by 3.5 a game. That will be a devastating stat if it holds.

Some other reading:

You can find some Mavs content at Mavs Moneyball.


The Mavs are in the second night of a back-to-back in which they got whipped by the Cavs at home.