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Game Thread #15: vs Grizzlies

The Spurs are hosting the Grizz on the day after Thanksgiving. I'm giving thanks, no, I'm just stunned that the Spurs are 8-6 and 1 game out of first in the divisions. So, yeah, we are 8-6 and getting healthier.

As that nasty pessimist -- cautious realist my butt -- said, we've only played 14 games and there is a long way to go and we still haven't played well against the upper-tier teams. Tonight ends a soft stretch of the schedule and we are heading into a good litmus test starting Saturday.

So stow your negativity for another night and let's keep our thoughts on the bright side. It's Thanksgiving weekend, we are playing the Grizzlies, and there will be plenty of time for criticism later.

Put some leftover bird in the microwave and start flapping. We're flying high tonight.

Game Time: 7:30
Officials: Stafford

Roger Mason
Roger Mason
Michael Finley
Fabricio Oberto
Tim Duncan
Bruce Bowen
Capt Spud


1st Rd, 4th Pick

1st Rd, 3rd Pick

2nd Rd, 48th Pick

1st Rd, 2nd Pick

1st Rd, 8th Pick
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4-4 Home 3-4
4-2 Road 1-7
93.2 Offense 92.5
91.9 Defense 98.9
45.9 FG% 43.8
31.1 3-pt% 35.2
74.7 FT% 75.9
39.2 Rebounds 40.9
12.5 TO's 16.0

Keys To The Game:

  • Memphis Shooting - the Grizz STILL aren't a good shooting team. We held them to 39% in their building. If we can keep them in that range, we'll crush them I believe.
  • FinDog and Mason - Ow. They were OFF-ful in the Bulls game. They need to rebound with a good night percentage-wise shooting the ball.
  • Tim - Darko ate Tim's lunch last game forcing him into a 6-18 night shooting. Can Tim rebound and put up an all-star game? I'm betting he will.

Some other reading:

There isn't a Memphis blog in SBNation, but if you head over to 3 Shades of Blue you'll get a little something-something for your time.

Other things of possible interest:

We have a shot at a 4-game win streak.

The George Hill - Michael Conley was dominated by George in the game Monday and he got the better of Rose against the Bulls. No, I don't expect George to keep playing at this level. At least not consistently. However, as long he is aggressive defensively, getting to the line, and in general being a pain in the ass; I'll take him. On the other hand, if he keeps getting better...

I put this link in the comments at the bottom of the last game thread, but you should really watch this interview after the Bulls game(click on the video with George showing). It has four interviews: Pop, George, Mason, Manu. George and Manu are hilarious. George, in particular, makes some great comments. It is worth it to watch if for no other reason to understand who you are rooting for when you cheer on the Spurs. George has a good shot at the all-interview team.

Oh yeah, don't look know, but George is 4th among rookies in PER and 7th among point guards.