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Game Thread #14: vs Bulls [UPDATED: Joey Crawford is reffing tonight]

The Bulls are in town and it's not the rodeo road trip.

Put on your spurs and saddle up your ride. There will be barrel racing and maybe, just maybe, The JV will get another bull ride in tonight.


Roger Mason Michael Finley Fabricio Oberto
Tim Duncan
Bruce Bowen
Roger Mason FinDog Fab Tim Mr Potato Head

Derrick Rose Overrated Ugly Uglier Still Overpaid
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3-4 Home 5-2
4-2 Road 2-6
92.8 Offense 98.5
92.2 Defense 101.3
46.0 FG% 42.8
40.0 3-pt% 35.2
75.3 FT% 80.7
38.6 Rebounds 42.9
12.5 TO's 15.9

Game Time: 7:30 Spurs Time


Officials: Joey Crawford, Kennedy, Lewis

[UPDATE] You guys may remember Joey Crawford. The guy who perpetually sucks as an official in Spurs games. There was the technical Pop got in the New Orleans series when he poked Pop in the chest because Pop knew the free throw lane rules, and Joey didn't enforce them correctly. There was the "NO CALL" at the end of game 4 against the Lakers that was bad enough that the league admitted it was a bad call (which is like hell freezing over). Then there was that Tim Duncan thing.

I think the Spurs fans tonight should boo him for the entire length of the game. Make a scene out of it. Make it embarrassing. Make it so embarrassing for the league that they don't let him officiate another game in our building. Seriously, short of throwing beer on him, what can you do as a fan to make this an embarrassing night for the league?

Keys To The Game:

  • Chicago Shooting - The Bulls shoot even worse from the field than the Grizzlies. If the Spurs can hold them to under 40%, the Bulls will struggle mightily.
  • Spurs Defense vs Bulls Defense - The Spurs have given up 80, 82, 75, 88, 83, 91, 91, 81in the last 8 games. The Bulls have given up 106, 113, 91, 91, 116, 116, 110, 114, 100 in the last 9 games. If those trends hold, it looks good for the Spurs
    Derrick Rose - Can the Spurs keep him under control? If they can, the Bulls don't have another guy to create shots.

Some other reading:

Blogabull is a very good blog. The blog definitely rivals us for game thread content with consistent numbers over 500. Heck, their recap has 185 comments.

Other things of possible interest:

Mason - Roger is shooting like a madman. The longer he shoots his 3's near 50% the better the Spurs are.

Hill - George has played two very solid games in a row. Can he give us a third? Part of the secret to his success is his aggression. He's averaging over 8 free throw attempts per game in the last 3.

Manu - How many minutes will Manu play? I'm guessing he'll be in the 10-12 for the next few games. But, wow, when he's in it is instant offense.

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