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Game Thread #13: at Grizzlies [UPDATE: MANU WILL PLAY TONIGHT]

Move down Marc Gasol. Manu is playing tonight. It looks like all my wishful thinking and video research has paid off. Hot DAMN I'm excited.


Marc Gasol enjoying a little of the rough play in the Spanish League.

It's a Monday in Memphis and we'll be keeping in mind the immortal words of Lawrence, "Keep an eye on your...". You know what I'm talking about.


Roger Mason Michael Finley Fabricio Oberto
Tim Duncan
Bruce Bowen
Roger Mason FinDog Fab Tim Mr Potato Head

Michael Conley Mr. Creamy Marc Gasol D Art No Joke Here
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3-4 Home 3-3
3-2 Road 1-6
92.8 Offense 92.8
93.2 Defense 97.9
45.9 FG% 43.2
39.8 3-pt% 32.4
75.2 FT% 77.5
38.5 Rebounds 42.6
12.5 TO's 16.1

Game Time: 7:00 Spurs Time


Officials: Corbin, Forte, Guthrie

Keys To The Game:

  • Memphis Shooting - The Grizz are not a good shooting team. The two guys, Mayo and Gay, who jack up the most shots are shooting 42.9 and 41.5. Our perimeter defense on these two guys will be key.
  • 3 Pt Shooting - We are one of the best in the league at the long ball and the Grizz are in the bottom third. Can we hit enough outside shots to space the floor?
  • Tim - I don't think Gasol and Arthur, a pair of rookies, will be able to handle Tim in the middle. Tim should put up 30 tonight.

Some other reading:

There isn't a Memphis blog in SBNation, but if you head over to 3 Shades of Blue you will probably get a chance to read a little something from me. As if you haven't had enough.

Other things of possible interest:

This is our chance to get over .500. Our next 3 games are @ Memphis, vs Chicago, vs Memphis.

The George Hill - Michael Conley matchup should be interesting. I want to see how George plays after his big game on Friday and Conley has been disappointing, to say the least, as the 4th pick in last year's draft. He's shooting 39% from the field and 17% fro 3-pt while scoring 7.1 points and dishing 4.1 assists per game in 26 minutes.

A few short videos to let you know what's really on my mind:

Manu Ginobili gets the loose ball and dunks over Yao Ming! (via NBA)

Manu Ginobili hits the game winner! (via NBA)

Manu Ginobili hits Tony Parker with a long range bounce pass! (via NBA)

Manu Ginobili Shuts the Door on the Suns in Double Overtime (via NBA)