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Apparently We're Not Done Talking About This

This is hopefully the last post I will have to make about what is inappropriate content on PtR.

Recently I once again outlined the guidelines for what types of pictures are allowed here on PtR. Later, I used the words "shitty fucking" in a post, which led to this:

I wondered the same thing, but didn’t initially say anything out of respect for having crappy days. Once you open the door for subjective offensiveness, many things sneak in the room. Are we just shying away from things that offend Powell, or are socially offensive, or are offensive to anyone onboard?

I think I've made it abundantly obvious what we shy away from here:

3. Game recaps require a title. They should either obviously pertain to the game you covered or be complete non-sequiturs. No cursing allowed in the titles.

4. Absolutely no racism or prejudice against any race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious orientation is allowed. This includes the use of words typically used to demean women. Yes, I'm talking about "bitch" among others. I reserve the right to delete your post without contacting you.

5. No sexual content. This includes jokes and photographs. And I consider photos of cheerleaders inappropriate content.

What is unclear about that?

Photos of cheerleaders and, in fact, the very idea of cheerleaders, are offensive to many women. Cheerleaders, in the role they play at sporting events, aren't about leading cheers, they are about sexual titillation. To claim otherwise ignores how they dress and act, and is also plain idiotic. I can easily see how women would be offended by seeing other women used as sexual titillation at an all-male sporting event.

I try to prevent large groups of people from being offended when they visit this site. By groups, I'm talking about the groups we don't choose to be a part of. African-American, female, homosexual, etc. That's why I don't allow racial epithets or misogynistic phrases / pictures. When defining what is inappropriate I tend be conservative and err on the side caution.


I occasionally use the word "cracker." I'm a white male, so it's ok. I don't care if I offend white people. Fuck 'em.

I curse and don't mind other people cursing unless it's used in a sexual manner. For example, "skull-fucking" is not allowed, because we don't about the act of fucking on here. This is not a sex site. Why not? Because I said so.

Does cursing offend a large group of people? Yes. Yes, it does. But that's a group you choose to be a part of. There's nothing inherently offensive about the words "shit" or "fuck" (the same cannot be said about "bitch," which is why I don't allow it). If those words offend you then I simply do not care.

Is that a choice I'm making? Yes. Is that a choice I'm making for users of this site? Yes. Why do I get to make that choice? Because it's my stupid fucking pointless blog. It's not your stupid fucking pointless blog. It's got my name attached to it, not yours. Matthew Powell is my real name. It's not some alias I hide behind.

If you do not like these rules you have a couple options:

1. Go somewhere else.
2. Go fuck yourself.

See, there's a choice you can make!