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Game Thread #12: vs Jazz

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The Jazz are coming into town on the wings of a cold front. We have to stay warm and try to amuse ourselves watching two injured teams.

Pull on your thermals, your Elmer Fudd hat, and your sock feet. Pop yourself some popcorn and get ready for B-grade hoops. It's Spurs - Jazz.


George Hill Roger Mason Fabricio Oberto
Tim Duncan
Bruce Bowen
The George Mace Windu
Fab Tim Mr Potato Head

Ronnie Price Son of Spur Stampler The Booze CJ Miles
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Game Time: 7:30 Spurs Time



Keys To The Game:

  • Injuries: Parker, Ginobili, Williams, Boozer are all out along with an assortment of injuries to lesser players. Harpring, Collins, Mahinmi
  • Rebounds: Utah is one of the best teams in the league on the glass. We suck on the glass. As always, we'll need to do pretty well here.
  • 3-pt shooting: We were 2-17 against the Nuggets. We were shooting 39% coming into that game. We need to be at 40% to create any kind of space for Tim.

Some other reading:

The jazz blog at SLC Dunk is another one that has high game thread turnout. Not at our levels mind, but they are not to be overlooked and I don't want to be shown up. Don't visit their site if you have a thing about dead animals. Utahns are apparently hunters. Me personally, I'd rather look at Hipuks' fish.


Speaking of jazz, and not the Kenny G stuff. I've recommended before, and I'll recommend again, Les McCann and Eddie Harris doing 'Compared To What'. Here's a youtube (it's not a video, just a recording) of a shortened version. This has about 4 minutes chopped off the one I'm used to listening to on Swiss Movement. I know SiMA is my antithesis and all, but I'll bet that even he likes it. Whiskey, cigar, Les McCann and Eddie Harris. Those things go together:

Compared To What (via schreinervideo)

Ifyou guys haven't seen PtR member CMoney's work directing a video for a non-profit, you should check it out. The man does great work for a great cause. Be forewarned, it's not fun. It's serious stuff.

Samaritan House 2008 from Red Productions on Vimeo


Recap (include the Three Stars): ATS will do it. Yay!