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Game Thread #11: vs Nuggets

We come back home riding a 3-game win streak and one cigar less in the hopper. Good times and good cigars call for good blues.

I' ve got a problem, I say I got a problem
I got a problem people, I've got a problem
I got a problem 'bout my woman
I got a problem 'bout my wifeMy problem started out
When I started messin' 'round with number three
She called up my wife, an' told on my woman an' me
Now my wife packed up her clothes
Went home to her mother
My woman went off, an' found another lover

--Albert Collins

Turn down the lights, grab your best girl, and come on in. It's date night.


George Hill Roger Mason Fabricio Oberto
Tim Duncan
5-5 George Hill Roger Mason Fabio Tim Michael Finley
7-4 The Butler Dahntay Jones Nanny Thugget A Thugget B
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Game Time: 7:30 Spurs Time
TV: [UPDATED] This game is not on ESPN. Sorry. ESPN says KRRT 35. MySA says KMYS. I don't know what that means for Austin. Could be TWC channel 12?

Officials: Wunderlich, Jones, Roe

Keys To The Game:

  1. Sloppiness/Exhaustion - The Spurs just finished up a stretch where they played 5 games in 7 days. For the Nuggets, this is the 5th game in 7 days and the back end of a back-to-back. Expect it to be ugly. Of course, we specialize in ugly.
  2. George Hill vs The Butler - I'll be interested to see how George plays against Billups. Billups is physical like Baron, but much smarter and better. I mean, it's not even close. Baron might be the, let's see -- Paul, Williams, Nash, Parker, Billups, Kidd -- seventh best point guard in the West. Yeah, 11.3 mill sounds good. Anyway, Hill struggled against the Clippers and I want to see how he rebounds.
  3. The Scrub lineup - When Tim goes to the bench, who's going to create. We have somehow managed to survive with lineups that include The JV, Bruce, Ime, Bonner, and Oberto. How is this happening? Against the Clips in the second quarter we outscored them with this lineup. This can't last.

Some other reading:

You can find some easy reading on the Nuggets at Pick Axe and Roll.


  • The Spurs won 1 quarter against the Clippers.
  • It looks to me like George has plateaued at the 15-18 minute mark. It seems like more than that is a more than he can handle at the point, which is a new position to him. I read an article last year that describe Hubie Brown breaking down minutes that he could count on guys to play. Some guys just can't effectively play for more than a certain amount of time. It's like they are incapable of executing the things required of them any longer. (it made sense at the time) I think for George right now that is 15-18. That said, I like him.
  • Donte Greene - I know there were some who thought we should have drafted Donte Greene. I think it says volumes that he can't get ANY playing time for a team going nowhere who's starting shooting guard is out and struggles putting the ball in the basket. Apparently, the other parts of his game are so bad that Theus won't play him.
  • Kenyon vs Fabio - I predict that they will knock the crap out of each other several times with Kenyon pulling the Thugget look on Fab and Fab looking at the ref like "hey, did you see that?" One will get T'ed up.
  • Powell's Photo Guidelines - I have three things to say:
      1. Cut Powell some slack on this. He's part of a blog network -- all these cool as features come for free -- and they were funded by big money this year. Not that any of you care, but one of the original founders was Markos Moulitsas of fame (which is how I found the site in the first place). I read on that SBNation is all grown up and stuff. Anyway, Powell has a Mean Dad too. No, he didn't pay me to say this or even offer any sexual favors. We have a very well-defined relationship. "He doesn't tell me what to play. I don't tell him what to do with his money" --- name that movie!
      2. JustinBK's argument that the dunking cheerleader photos were from an NBA sanctioned event might, just might, be the most compelling argument I have ever heard. Think about it, if it is appropriate for family entertainment, how can it not be appropriate here? Of course, this comes from somebody who's dad had posters of Loni Anderson and Dolly Parton up in the garage.
      3. As I have mentioned on several occasions I have a photo I have been saving and I applied Powell's guidelines to it:
        1. Offend Nuns: Absolutely. It offends my wife.
        2. Tingle: Um, no. But that's personal. And private
        3. Prison Currency: Maybe, but it looks more like prison.
        4. My sister: Yeah, I'd be in prison.
        5. Work background: Like working in a Speedo. Everybody would be uncomfortable.