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Game Thread #10: at Clippers [Updated with Free Throw Lesson Addendum]

We head to Staples on our first win streak of the season. Can we make it 3?

We are partying with Cheech and Chong in LA. The Spurs are rolling. So roll yourself one and head on in.

Game Time: 9:30 Spurs Time

TV: ??

George Hill Roger Mason Fabricio Oberto
Tim Duncan
Bruce Bowen
4-5 George Hill Mace Windu
Fabio Tim Mr Potato Head
1-8 The Chucker
Cuttino Mobley Chris Kaveman Walleye Thomas Al Thornton
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Officials: Rush, Collins, Zielinski

Keys To The Game:

Home Court Disadvantage - The Clippers are off to a 1-8 start, which is terrible. However, it's not even that good. They have played 7 home games and only 2 road games. One of those road games was the Lakers. So, they have played outside of the Staples Center only 1 time and still only have 1 win. Now granted, they have played the Lakers twice, Jazz twice, Rockets, and Mavs. Still, I'm thinking they aren't exactly protecting their home turf.

Baron Davis - I can't believe they signed him to that contract. Egads! Here's what they are getting. 15 points a game. 37% from the field. 26% from 3-pt. 26% sucks AND he still shoots 6 3's a game. Keeping jacking them up Baron. You are the man.

Tim vs Tim - The Clippers are starting Tim Thomas at PF. Timmy better eat his lunch. If Tim doesn't have 12 in the first quarter I will be pissed.

Some other reading:

You can find some Clippers content at Clips Nation.

Here's a taste:

One thing is certain. Fringe players throughout the NBA are, as we speak, checking the schedule and circling the dates against the Clippers. Because it's their best chance to score a career high, and probably go for 30. Starters too are interested in the LA date - it's a chance to take a day off, knowing full well that their backup - pretty much no matter who it is - can more than handle the job. The Lakers second team is very good and is going to beat plenty of teams this season, so the fact that Kobe Bryant has barely broken a sweat in two games against the Clippers isn't too surprising. Then it was Paul Millsap keeping Carlos Boozer on the bench for the final 14 minutes of the Utah game, scoring 15 straight fourth quarter points on his way to 24. The next game, Luis Scola and Carl Landry combined for 34 points and 16 rebounds. Wednesday night it was Beno Udrih, rescued from the waiver wire prior to last season, scoring a career high 30 points for the Kings playing without Kevin Martin. Udrih made 13 of 20 shots in that game. Not to be outdone, undrafted rookie free agent Anthony Morrow scored 37 points on 15 for 20 shooting in this game. It was the first time in his career he'd scored over 30. And the first time he'd scored over 20. And the first time he'd scored in double figures. When you include his 4 three pointers, Morrow's eFG% for the game was... wait for it... 85%.So, I'm just saying, George Hill and Roger Mason and Anthony Tolliver are flat salivating at the prospect of coming into Staples Monday night.Other:

While watching Tim clang his free throws last night, I realized I missed one subtle yet fundamental part of the lesson. Tim starts his free throw with his legs bent and then extends from there. I feel you have to use the downward motion -- bending of the knees -- as the trigger to start your free throw.

Think about doing a bench press from the position where the bar is on your chest. It is much more natural, and easier, to move the bar down before going up. It creates rhythm. Yeah, you aren't supposed to do it when you are lifting weights, but if the goal is to do something smoothly that's how you would do it.

Better yet, think about trying to swing a golf club by starting the club at the top of the swing and only going forward. The backswing is what creates your rhythm. Or watch a batter in a baseball game. Whenever the pitch starts, he extends his arms back from his body. They never just come forward from a stopped position.

Recap (include the Three Stars): I'm putting the AssHatter Rick2G on it.