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More Crap About Shirts

The left sidebar now has a link to PtR's current stable of shirts. I set up an "associate account" with long-story-short, ordering a shirt via that link sends a little extra cash our way (in addition to the "royalty" we automatically get). Unfortunately they gave me few options for the advertising image. I had to use an image, but I couldn't just use the logo. So I designed a dummy-shirt just to use for the advertising link. I then put it on an old, portly, jolly fellow. That part made me laugh. I wanted it to read "OMG PTR HAS SHIRTS!!!1!!11!" but sometimes you have to settle for less than perfection.

At the request of PtR member krukow I have added a shirt with a new quote. It's something I wrote in the latest Golden State game thread: "OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT... Tim just open-handed slapped Stephen Jackson in the face!" I love this quote for about a million different reasons. First, I really thought / wrote that. Second, I was legitimately afraid Jackson was gonna pull a shiv out of his socks and cut a bitch. Third, "open-handed slapped" is really bad English. It prolly should be "open-hand slapped." Fourth, "open-hand(ed) slapped" is pretty much redundant. A closed-hand slap is pretty much a punch (unless Carmelo Anthony throws it). But fuck proper English. This isn't the Express News.

If there's a specific quote you want on the back just let me know... pretty much everything is fair game.