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Game Thread # 33 -- at Golden State

The dreaded fogafini...

Let me quick and to the point. If you think Stephen Jackson is a viable MVP candidate then you are really, really stupid. People seemed to be enamored with him because the Warriors started off 1-5 during his suspension and are 18-10 since his return. OMG HE MUST BE THE KEY TO THE TEAM!11!!!

Except, of course, he's not. That's Baron Davis.

Let me ask you this. Let's presume Stephen Jackson played the entire season and put up the same exact stats he's currently putting up. Let's also presume that Golden State was 22-12 instead of 19-15 (22-12 being the same winning percentage as 18-10). Would ANYBODY be touting Stephen Jackson as an MVP candidate? No. Of course not.

There's also the little pertinent tidbit that he's not having a very good offensive season. Yeah, he's putting up 20 points a game, but his TS% is an abysmal 51.6% and team is only 0.7 PTS / 100 possessions better with him on the court (compared to Baron Davis at +14.5 PTS / 100 possessions). Stephen Jackson's PER is also below average at 14.86. Below. Average. As in less than average. As in less than Matt Bonner's. The man is playing worse than a ginger. Seriously people. This Stephen Jackson for MVP idiocy has got to stop.