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Pop Coaching Lazy Defense

Switching the pick and roll is lazy. Even when warranted, it's still lazy. The Spurs switched the pick and roll all night. Paul repeatedly ran pick and rolls at the top of the key with West and occasionally Chandler. It was obvious Pop didn't respect Paul's outside shot; whichever big man switched onto him played at least 5 ft off Paul. He could have shot 22 footers all night.

Unfortunately Chris Paul was too smart for that. Over and over again he lobbed the ball to West who shot over the smaller Parker / Vaughn, or took them to the basket, or waited for the double team and then kicked it back out for the (eventual) wide open three.

It was clear by half time that switching the pick and roll wasn't working (the offensive struggles of the Hornets during the 2nd quarter had everything to do with the helpless Jannero Pargo running the show instead of Paul and nothing to do with Pop's game plan). Pop stuck with it anyway; for the whole, entire game. West ended up 15-19, Paul ended up with 11 assists and the Hornets shot 54% from the field. I'm not sure Paul or West even broke a sweat on offense tonight. Of course neither did the Spurs. Switching allows you to stand around and watch.

It's inexcusable coaching from Popovich and I'm waiting for anybody with a louder voice than me to say anything about it.