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Game Thread # 35 -- vs. Minnesota

I've said some dumb things on this (or other incarnations of this) blog. For example, back in 2005:

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Ray has to shoot more because he's the focal point of the offense. Ray's job is to score. Ray has to take those tough three pointers. Defenses key on him. Blah blah blah. I bite my thumb at that shit. Every basketball player's job is to help the team win. And maybe if Ray was as concerned about winning as he was his next contract (or next manicure) he wouldn't take some of those horrible shots. Maybe he would notice that Radmanovic and Lewis are better 3P shooters than him. Or that Rashard Lewis is actually a better offensive player than he is. Or that he's only 3rd on the team in +/- (which is especially sad considering his backup is Flip Fucking Murray).

My bad. Then there's that other thing that Stampler never lets me forget. Well Stampler, it's pay back time. I'm not sure I could ever top this:

Unless the Celtics win a ring in the next three or four years, they will be lambasted by basketball historians for the Garnett-Jefferson trade. Jefferson is already the superior offensive player (Duncan couldn't do much with him) and is poised to be one of the dominant power forwards in this league for another decade. Trading just the two of them straight up would've been an even deal, but Boston had to throw in a bunch of other guys to make the cap numbers work. The Celtics will regret giving up the 1st round picks though.

Wow. Just wow. I think you're pretty ok neato stampler, but your Kevin Garnett bias manages to eclipse my Ray Allen bias by a wide margin. He's been lambasted for never taking his team to the finals despite never having a team good enough to make the finals. My God, do you realize before this year he's never played with a teammate as good as Ray Allen? Ray fucking Allen, Mr. One Dimensional Volume Scorer Extraordinaire!

Now Minnesota is 5-30 and on pace to have the worst season in recent NBA history and the Celtics are on the exact other end of the spectrum. But Garnett doesn't take the shot at the end of the games, so fuck him, right? Dude, like, whatever.