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I Am Less than Happy With Mr. Gregg Popovich

From Buck Harvey's post-Piston article.

When the Pistons went on a 22-2 run to end the first quarter, Popovich never called a timeout. He chose, instead, to sip from a cup.

If this was a message for his players, it was this: You have to decide to play. Afterward he praised Tim Duncan and Jacque Vaughn and, when asked to critique others, he praised Duncan and Vaughn some more.

Look, don't get me wrong; Parker and Manu sucked and played like vajays. Duncan played well on the offensive end and Jacque Vaughn played his best game of the year. But I'm fucking tired of Pop's bullshit and it leads to a quick question.

Is ANYTHING ever Pop's fault?

For example, whose idea was it to double-team Rasheed Wallace for three-quarters of the game? That's not necessarily a bad idea. He's a tough cover. But, umm, why not try different players on him? Horry and Oberto didn't work out. Neither did Elson. But, uh, lemme see, why not put, I don't know, Tim Duncan on him?

Tim Duncan, covering Rasheed Wallace, man-to-man. What a fucking crazy idea! But, as always, Tim stands of the weak side covering the other team's least talented big man. And Pop, believing in the almighty defensive help/rotation, sends double teams at just about everybody. Rasheed Wallace. Tayshaun Prince. Chauncey Billups. That shit doesn't work against complete teams like the Pistons. They can all pass. They all know where to move with respect to the double team. They can all can the open jumper. I'm waiting for Pop to eventually send a quadruple-team at somebody like Luke fucking Walton. Hey, I'm sure everything will be fine as long the lone remaining defender sticks to the genius Pop system, right?

And please Pop, for the love of fucking Jehova, get it through your drunken wino head that Tony Parker cannot guard Chauncey Billups. This isn't about toughness. This is about simple size difference. And this is exactly what almost cost the Spurs the 2005 Finals. Pop, out of nothing more than being a stubborn crotchety bastard face, refused to put Bruce Bowen on Chauncey Billups. Despite the fact it made perfect, irrefutable sense. Bruce on Billups, Parker on Hamilton. Let the quicker Parker chase Rip off screens. The vertical size difference between the two was much less dangerous than Billups strength advantage. It took the Spurs being on the brink of losing game 7 at home for Pop to make the change. And what do you know, Bowen shut Billups down and the Spurs win the title.

Blame Tony all you want Pop, but how about you fucking put the players in position to succeed?

Like Robert Horry, for instance. You know where he could succeed right now? On the bench. In street clothes. HE CAN'T EVEN FUCKING CATCH OR DRIBBLE THE BALL ANY MORE. I don't give a flying fuck how many fucking shots he fucking hit during the fucking playoffs. Eventually everyone just gets too fucking old to play. That's Robert Horry. Too fucking old to play worth a shit. He's played 205 minutes this season during which the Spurs have been outscored by 20 points. Are you even fucking watching the games Pop?

Speaking of too fucking old, when's the last time you developed a player? Or fuck, even found a player and plucked him off another team? How come every other fucking team finds the Jason Maxiells, Leandro Barbosas, Glen Davis', Brandon Bass' and Paul Millsaps of the world while we sign the likes of Ime Udoka? And when we finally come up short for nothing more than the fact we're fucking old, who will you blame?

Wait. I actually know the answer to that question. You'll blame Manu. You fucking fuck.