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Just What Exactly is Henry Abbott Implying?

Okay, I read this on Henry Abbott's Truehoop this morning.

Check it

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In that same article, Quick writes about a shocking offer Pritchard reportedly got at the draft combine: "Sitting high in the stands at the Milk House arena where the marginal prospects scrimmaged -- far from the courtside seats Pritchard so preferred -- Pritchard that morning was approached by a general manager of a Western Conference power. With bright lights illuminating the court below, Pritchard sat in a darkened corner with the general manager. The general manager wanted the Blazers' No. 1 pick. And he was willing to offer a player that will be a first-ballot Hall of Famer." I have heard this story more than once too, and once again I think you can figure it out. "A Western Conference power?" What's that, like Dallas, Phoenix, and San Antonio? You know we're not talking about Steve Nash 'cause the Suns' whole system only works with him. And at this point I'd say it's a stretch to call Dirk Nowitzki a sure-fire first-ballot Hall of Famer. So ... you're a smart kid. You figure it out. If it's true, that's shocking, right? I heard this rumor more than once before the draft, but never in a way that makes me feel certain it's true. It could have been a rumor started in Portland to drive up the value of the top overall pick.

Is Abbott trying to suggest that Buford offered Tim Duncan for Oden? Unless Manu is the "1st ballot HOF" he was talking about, (I strongly doubt it) who else could it be?

He says it's a Western Conference power. That's three teams, us, Suns and Mavs. He says he doesn't consider Dirk a sure thing first ballot HOF. (FYI: I disagree). He says it can't be Nash because he runs the whole show. So it has to be Duncan, right?

Sorry, I think the story is either complete non-sense or Abbott isn't thinking properly. There is no way in hell we're trading Tim Duncan or even contemplating it. That would go against the very fabric of what this organization is about. It's a non-starter and not happening, ever. He is more untradeable than LeBron James and Dwyane Wade combined.

Either the author, Jason Quark is completely making it up, or it's a BS rumor. The only other possible explanation is that Abbott is mistaken and it was Dirk that they were discussing. Or that "Western Conference Power" was an exaggeration for Houston/Utah/Lakers etc. They were not offering Tim Duncan. I cannot accept it.