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"Donating" to Pounding the Rock

The "donating" is in quotation marks because I doubt I will ever accept straight cash donations. On a related note, this blog will always be free as long as I am here.

But, if you would like to put some cash in our pockets, there is now a better way to help. On the left sidebar, under "Advertising," you'll find some links. One is a direct link to the purchase page for the latest Spurs Championship DVD. There's also a search box that takes you to the Amazon results page.

If you buy anything from Amazon through either of those links PtR will get 4% of the purchase price (the percentage can go up depending on the amount of purchases generated each month). All I'm asking is that if you're planning on buying anything at Amazon, please go to their website through PtR.

As you are probably already familiar with, there are also the Google text links. PtR gets a very small amount (usually less than $0.10) for each click but the masterminds at Google keep track of IP addresses, so there's no point in clicking more than one link per day. It does add up though, as after about two years I finally eclipsed the $100 mark and actually received a check last week.

Michael, presuming he keeps writing for PtR, and I will be splitting the revenue from the Amazon and Google links.

In the spirit of disclosure, and to quiet the guilty Catholic boy inside of me, PtR did find another source of revenue this year. There're text links at the bottom of the left sidebar that are valuable to companies due to my Google Page Rank, which is quite high. Why? Mainly because I'm interlinked to all other SB Nation blogs, making my blog (and my links) important in Google's eyes. There's no need to click or even acknowledge the links.

Anyways, I gave a chunk of that money to Michael; more than he was expecting but unfortunately less than he deserves. And though I'll take the actual numbers to my grave, you can be sure that neither of us will ever make even the most meager of livings off this blog. Which, of course, isn't the point. The point is the groupies. Obviously. Bow-chick-a-wow-wow.