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Final Contest Standings

Hey folks. Sorry I've been an infrequent visitor of late. I'm settling into my new apartment here in Austin and find myself still unpacking, doing contract work for my old engineering company in Seattle and preparing for my new hospital job which starts Monday.

So the final contest standings have been calculated and you can find them on the right sidebar. The big winner? Me! Ha! Suck on that! Of course I'm not eligible for the prizes, so the grand prize winner is PtR member BUTD who finished with 1795 EFDs. He wins a $30 gift certificate to the online establishment of his choice. The second place winner, who gets a $20 gift certificate to Shoney's over there on Babcock and 281, is none other than my good friend Matty the Blade.

Everybody else? Well, as I said in the original contest post, everybody wins an "Official Contest Spurs Related Prize." I'm really excited about the prizes. Which means you probably shouldn't be.

So, if you participated in the contest, you need to send me an email at nbaspursblogATgmailDOTcom with your PtR member name, real name and mailing address. Please make the subject line "PtR Contest" or something of the sort.