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Sleep Deprived Finals Preview Coming @ 2:30 CT

I'm not even sure the title of this post makes sense. It's 3 in the morning and I have just decided I am finished studying for my organic chemistry final tomorrow. Of course this is just a community college final.

Speaking of community college, a girl in my biology class asked this question on Monday: "What is the pH of salsa?" She was probably at least half trying to be funny, claiming she saw something on MythBusters yada yada yada. Nonetheless I tried to asphyxiate her with my brain but failed.

Yeah, I know, if I am going to bother to write all of this shouldn't I just blather on about the Spurs? Probably. That reminds me. I have some Finals related content. Well, I actually just have a link to a podcast. I left a Finals prediction via voice mail, but I'm not sure if it made the show or not. Just listen for the word "va-jay-jay," that's me.