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New Spur # 1 -- Tiago Splitter


  1. Brazilian. Check another country off the list.
  2. 7'-0"
  3. 22 years old.
  4. Named Tiago. That's fun.
  5. Teammates with Scola. Maybe the Spurs can get a two for one deal on their buyouts?
  6. Spurs can't sign him this year, which will help keep them below luxury tax levels.
  1. Brazilian. Manu and Oberto might shiv him. Just sayin'.
  2. Doesn't even have a buyout from Tau Ceramica until next summer.
  3. Cannot replace Jacque Vaughn.
  4. Occasionally looks like this while on the court:

Oh rly? (AP Photo / Ramon Espinosa)

Obligatory underwhelming YouTube clip: