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Mock! Yeah! Bird! Yeah!

First of all, it's 7 a.m. Seattle time and I have yet to sleep. The moving van is supposed to arrive any minute and I was up all night packing. I am sure I mentioned this a while back: I'm moving to Austin. The whole point of this paragraph is to provide a preemptive excuse if this post makes absolutely no sense.

Second of all, a reader sent me a great email about the parade and Alamodome celebration. I want to post but am waiting his permission.

Thirdly, I'm not done talking about the past season and the championship. I have plans for a statistical playoff recap, individual player reviews, analysis of team needs and, of course, plenty of gloating.

<imagine>picture of the Spurs celebrating their fourth title</imagine>

But the rest of the blogosphere has moved on to mock drafts and I must follow (the draft is in nine days after all). I am participating in a couple: the SB Nation mock draft and another that will be posted on a couple different blogs when it's done. The Spurs have the 28th, 33rd (from Milwaukee) and 58th picks in the draft.

In order to make the proceedings more interesting we (the SB Nation mock draft) allowed trading as long the swap did not violate the collective bargaining agreement. So I figured what the hell, let's wheel and deal. I traded the 28th and 33rd pick and the rights to Luis Scola to Sacramento for the 10th pick. Scola's buyout doesn't expire until after the 07-08 season and it seems like it takes European players at least one year to fit into the Spurs system. That puts him three years away from helping, and the Spurs need to focus on now when the Big Three are all still in their primes. Plus, as far as I understand it, the money the Spurs use to sign Scola would have to come out of the MLE, reducing their offseason buying power.

So who did I actually select with the 10th pick? Here's my writeup:

The Spurs are the oldest team in the league and if they want to repeat they are going to need to add some youth. Their most glaring weakness all season was backup point guard. Pop lost all confidence in Beno Udrih and was forced to play Jacque Vaughn who, despite his grit, determination and hustle, isn't a quality backup point. Acie Law is a local boy who has shown the ability to step up in big games and lead his team, and given the fact he completed four years in school there's a chance Pop might actually play him. He can push the ball and create his own shot, so the Spurs shouldn't have to play a different style of offense when Parker is on the bench.

Plus I went to Texas A&M, so getting Acie Law, even if only in the fictional sense, was a huge priority.

So what do you think? Did I overpay? And, assuming the Spurs don't make a trade, who do you want them to target at 28?