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Damon Jones (+19) is the Answer!

You want to know how truly lopsided this game was? Well, my friend Matty and I talk during the occasional regular season game. The frequency of phone calls increase as we get further into the post season. We have exchanged literally hundreds of phone calls over the years and not once have we ever talked during actual game play. We've always limited discussion to commercials only... until tonight, during the second quarter. The game, and this series, was that over. O-V-E-R.

"We're definitely still confident," James said. "We've been down 2-0 before and we have to find a way to get back the intensity we had in the fourth quarter and carry it into Game 3."

Well, out of compassion I'll give you directions for finding that fourth quarter intensity. Try falling behind by 27 after three quarters. That way you'll have Tony and Duncan flirting cracking jokes on the bench while Pop dicks around with proven quintets such as Vaughn, Ginobili, Bowen, Oberto and Elson.

I understand feeding the media the typical line of bs, but comparing this 0-2 deficit to the Pistons series is laughable. Against the Pistons they could point to a couple plays that could have changed the outcome. But if the Cavs seriously believe what Lebron is slinging then this series is D-O-N-E. Because there is nothing positive they can take from game 2, a game in which they:

-led for 15 seconds (after leading for 74 seconds of game 1)
-trailed by 25 at half, the third largest halftime deficit in Finals history (via Marc Stein)
-had absolutely no answer for Parker, Duncan or Ginobili. Seriously, the Big Three combined for 78 points and they, as a group, hit a total of two difficult shots (two acrobatic Parker layups). Duncan is barely breaking a sweat on the offensive end, currently 19-33 with 9 assists and only 3 TOs.
-lost by 13 despite Bowen, Finley and Barry combining to shoot 2-15 from 3
-managed to get off 19 3PA, the most against the Spurs this playoffs, and not likely to happen again
-attempted 29 FT, well above the average allowed by the Spurs this postseason
-had Jeff Van Gundy talking about how the disparity between the two conferences may be the greatest in NBA history and Mark Jackson writing off the Cavs chances in the series... in the third quarter of game 2

Lebron looks to the only place he'll find answers (AP Photo / Eric Gay)

Hell, even Spurs fans have to be disappointed in this series. The Cavaliers have been a damned joke so far. The Spurs have yet to throw an A game out there and they are still winning comfortably. Lebron continues to play timidly for large stretches despite it being clear they cannot compete that way. Seriously, how bad has the Eastern Conference gotten when their finals representative has the media clamoring for more playing time for Eric Snow and Damon Jones? Eesh.