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Hey Pop, Quick Favor

Morphological observations could lead to the hypothesis that Tim Duncan is not an adequate defender of point guards. Tim Duncan is big. Point guards are small. Small things are usually quicker than big things.

Tonight's game provided ample empirical evidence to support this hypothesis. Time and time again the Suns would run a pick and roll with Nash and Duncan's man. And the great majority of the time Duncan would wind up defending Nash one on one, and the results were often quite... unfortunate.

Granted, the pick and roll is the hardest play to defend and perfect pick and roll defense would not have changed the outcome. The Spurs were deficient in numerous areas but we'll have plenty of time to investigate our other failings the rest of the week. Right now I just have small one small request for Coach Pop.

Please, for the love of all things holy, could you trap the motherfucking pick and roll just one single goddamned time?