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That's Earl Campbell's Face!

First, I would like the record to show that the Spurs and Jazz combined for 208 points while the Pistons and Cavs put up 155. So when the Spurs beat the Pistons in 6 games in the finals, and the average score is 91-86, we'll know whom to blame ok? (The Pistons. We're blaming the Pistons.)

Just wanted to get that out there. Also wanted to give stampler a panic attack; he undoubtedly thinks I just inexorably jinxed the Spurs. I don't believe in that hooey. (But I do believe in Santa Claus. Which reminds me I need to talk to Rod about making plans to see that Transformers movie the day it comes it out. (I used to get Transformers for Christmas. The metal ones, dammit.))

Second, did you hear that the Rockets are going to hire Rick Adelman? How great is that! One less contender the Spurs have to worry about for years to come.

Third, how fun is it to be a Spurs fan right now? I would suggest it's "oodles" of fun. Maybe even "heaps" of fun. For gosh sakes, in game 1 Oberto and Elson combined for 20 and 8 on 9-11 shooting. Everything's working. Except Jacque Vaughn. He's broken and unsalvageable.

Manu has been absolutely sick of late(and I still believe The Sickness is the perfect nickname for him, but then again I'm partial to what is mine.) Stampler was on pizzle when he commented on how wonderful it is to see Manu in full attack mode. He picked apart the Jazz all night, dropping 10 dimes, with most of those leading to layups. The man's had three consecutive double-doubles and his playoff PER is up to 12th (amazing considering how awful he's been in stretches). And has anyone else noticed he's been flopping a lot less? I'm only talking to Spurs fans here, as I'm sure non-Spurs fans swear they saw him disembowel and then eat a live puppy during the second quarter.

Tim's been dominant on both ends of the court. On the prowl on defense, calculating on offense. Oh, and I've decided he's the best player since Michael Jordan.

I've also been impressed with Tony the past two games. He seems to be picking his spots well, especially against Utah. While watching game 1 I never got the feeling the wrong person was shooting the ball.

Hell, we played so well I actually managed to enjoy Mark Jackson's commentary!

What say you, Spurs fans?