Fake Fans = Bad Losers

Think about it.

I make a habit of reading not only Spurs blogs (PtR's the best going away, btw) but also fan blogs for whatever team we're playing at the moment. Nuggs, Suns, now Jazz. And I've noticed something: Nuggs fans and Jazz fans, while they talk trash like any red-blooded sports fans do, seem generally respectful and sportsmanlike. Suns fans? Well, we know about Suns fans.

My theory: bandwagon fans are assholes. There's been no buzz around Denver, Utah, etc. - so the only fans are the true fans, fans who love the team for more than the outcome of any given game or series. The Suns, however, have (had) all the glitz and glory - runnin', gunnin', hypin', Caucasian feel-goodness. So people who aren't really fans at all decided that they're Suns fans. Then, since their fandom is based entirely upon the premise that they've picked the team that is going to win, they get pissy and offended when reality doesn't accommodate their glory-hunting. Any opponent who beat them would be 'dirty', because only treachery and foul play could possibly account for the demise of 'their' team.

So, that's my theory: overhyped teams have ungracious 'fans'. Let's test that theory; what pro teams suffer from overhype? Which have jackass fans?

Suns? Overhyped: Check. Jackass fans: Check.
Mavs? Overhyped: Check. Jackass fans: Check.
Yankees? Overhyped: Check. Jackass fans: Check.
Sabres? Overhyped: Check. Jackass fans: Check.

Who am I missing?

(NB - obviously even overhyped teams have the usual core of legitimate fans; my guess is that there are plenty of decent, courteous Suns fans out there somewhere)

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