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Kissing Your Sister

My apologies for not having something up sooner. I had an organic test this morning and was up until 3:30 studying. And really, what can be said about the game? A Spurs loss and this post would have written itself. But an eeked out win? Not something I'm happy about, and even if I was I would do my best not to show it. The Spurs didn't deserve the advantages given to them, and the fact the gifts weren't asked for does little to assuage the guilt of this Catholic-raised boy.

See? It's pretty evident I don't want to talk about the game. But I must, I must.

Jacque Vaughn is horrible. Why did Popovich reinsert him into the lineup during the fourth quarter... why why why why why why? I'm not suggesting playing Beno. But what about Manu or Barry at the point? Why not just leave Parker in; Bowen played the whole second half, why not Parker? I mean geewillikers, Jacque Vaughn was -17 in 6.4 minutes last night. How is that even possible? Could 4 on 5 been any worse?

Nice to see Manu again. The 15 fourth quarter points were obviously gigantic. And did anyone else notice that he played over 22 minutes in the second half last night? And given that his best production came at the end of the game, one could infer that he wasn't tired (by NBA standards). Maybe we should think about giving him more minutes? Maybe as back up PG?

Lastly, for the love of all that is holy, will the announcers please stop talking about how well Kurt Thomas is playing on the defensive end. Duncan is averaging 27 points on 57% shooting and getting any shot he wants.