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My Crazy Game 5 Idea

We've always defended ourselves as the classy team, the team above thuggish tactics, trash talking, excessive taunting, and whining about the refs after the game. Now this reputation is in serious jeopardy, perhaps forever, because of one stupid foul by Horry and the drama that followed.

So if our classy reputation means anything, let's really shove it up everyone's ass and walk the walk like we talk to talk.


Why not? Seriously, why the fuck not? It's not an elimination game. We still have one loss to play with. We don't even have to make it like an official protest of the Stu Jackson decision. We can just say he had a sore ankle or something, even though the true reason will be obvious to everyone.

The NBA wants a ridiculous, small ball game? Let's give it to them. Their star big is out, our star big is out. Their 3rd best big is out? Our 3rd best big is out. Fair game, fair fight. Let's just play midget ball for 48 mins.

It would shut up every critic, it would shut up their taunting fans, it would blow away the broadcasters. No matter what they say about us, they can't can't call us cheaters and they can't say we're not classy. It would send a message to the world and to the Suns that we didn't want the Amare/Diaw suspensions to happen. It wasn't our idea.

You don't think all of the Suns momentum would be sucked right out of that building? Nobody would know what to think. It would totally fuck with the Suns minds and all their intensity and focus would be gone in a flash. Whatever desire the refs might have had to screw us would be forgetten and they'd be impressived with our chutzpah and our principles.

I don't know if we'd win or lose, but either way we'd make our point.

And even if we lost, we'd kick the holy shit out of them in Games 6 and 7 because the mental edge would be ours.

That's just my crazy idea. Go ahead and blast me if you want. I think it'd be the only way to untaint the series and the playoffs as a whole. And our integrity wouldn't be compromised.