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Dear Stu Jackson

Please do NOT suspend Amare Stoudemire. Yeah, he left the bench and was out of the coach's box, but he didn't get involved nor did he escalate the situation. Plus he's dumber than the inbred offspring of Shawn Marion and a bag of rocks, so let's cut him some slack.

And since we're chatting, I don't think you should suspend Robert Horry, either. His elbow check of Steve Nash was a cheap shot warranting a flagrant two, exactly what he got.

Please DO suspend Jacque Vaughn. He's been quite dreadful this whole series. Plus I was sitting behind the Spurs bench in Phoenix and he kept calling me "little miss thang" and staring at my genitals.

Please suspend the calling of blocks and charges the rest of the series. There were about 15 of them called during game 4, and I think the definition of a charge changed each time.

In the Official NBA Referee's Guidebook please add Raja Bell's picture next to Manu's under the entry for "flopping."

Please suspend game three until Thursday night. I have an organic chemistry test Thursday morning, so Wednesday night is really bad for me. k, thx!