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Playoff Game Thread # 2 -- vs. Denver

Here are +|- numbers and points per 100 possessions courtesy of

The rational part of my brain is telling me not to read anything into statistics based on just one game. I'm going to let that part of my brain win out for now. But if certain playing time arrangements continue the gloves are coming off. (Though, really, why do I bother?)

I think Pop will keep the same starting lineup for tonight's game. If Elson once again refuses to show up he may be forced to go with Oberto or Horry to start the second half. Also look for Parker to get the quick, message-sending hook if he doesn't come out aggressive on both ends of the court. Assuming, of course, that Pop can get Jacque's balls out of his mouth.

Tonight's lines:

GS @ DAL: DAL -9.5
DEN @ SA: SA -8.5

By the way, the contest standings are finally updated. Post away.