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Playoff Game Thread # 1 -- vs. Denver

Like all red-blooded Americans, I played a lot of intramural sports in college. Flag football, flickerball (sort of like flag football) and basketball. It was insane amounts of fun (except when your freshman year roommate loses his mind and verbally assaults a female referee).

Before each game we would spend time getting amped up. Loud music (usually Metallica's One), some hooting and copious amounts of hollering, livestock sacrifice, the whole bit. One of my friends, probably Matty da Blade, came up with a slogan. A call to arms, if you will. Given our penchant for swearing, and the fact none of us were English majors, it was quite simple.

Matty and I adopted it for other occasions such as before tests. We still use it to this day, and this day it definitely applies to the Spurs... the first day of The Reclamation...

It's fucking go time.


I am "reactivating" the contest despite not having updated the standings in forever. I should get to that, shouldn't I? Hopefully the members left have a general idea of where they stand.

Tonight's lines:

GS @ DAL: DAL -10
DEN @ SA: SA -8.5

Post away!