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The Act or Process of Reclaiming

Here's the PtR Playoff Preview, presented in the form of an AIM chat stampler and I had last night. He's "Bobsmif." I'm the other guy. At the end I have summarized the picks and added some additional thoughts regarding the Denver series.


Bobsmif (5:05:27 PM): success!
Bobsmif (5:05:53 PM): ...success?

poundingtherock (5:06:00 PM): yo

Bobsmif (5:06:06 PM): howdy.
Bobsmif (5:06:12 PM): Let's get right to it homeslice.

poundingtherock (5:06:30 PM): first i have to turn off these ridiculous sound effects.
poundingtherock (5:06:47 PM): ok

Bobsmif (5:06:52 PM): Let's see how well you know Mikey. Which of the 8 series will I spend 0 seconds watching?

poundingtherock (5:07:23 PM): um.
poundingtherock (5:07:25 PM): one sec.

Bobsmif (5:08:09 PM): geez, that d-bag A-Rod hit another one.
Bobsmif (5:08:31 PM): I guess he's a yankee* now.
Bobsmif (5:08:37 PM): * until October.

poundingtherock (5:08:38 PM): i guess ORL DET

Bobsmif (5:08:41 PM): wrong.
Bobsmif (5:08:47 PM): Cle Was.
Bobsmif (5:08:52 PM): come on that was easy.
Bobsmif (5:10:09 PM): are you having technical difficulties or did you suffer some sort of head injury today?

poundingtherock (5:10:17 PM): both
poundingtherock (5:10:21 PM): ok.

Bobsmif (5:10:35 PM): k.
Bobsmif (5:11:23 PM): that whole series is a joke. LeBron has a cakewalk to the ECFs. Your league is rigged Stern! Rigged!

poundingtherock (5:11:37 PM): What would it take for Denver to when this series?

Bobsmif (5:12:03 PM): for Manu and Tony to feel the way about each other that their countrymen feel about each other.
poundingtherock (5:12:32 PM): Do Argentinians not like the French?
poundingtherock (5:12:46 PM): Wait, nobody likes the French.
poundingtherock (5:12:53 PM): You've lost me already

Bobsmif (5:12:52 PM): well I mean, you know the Arg press vs. Tony and the French press vs. Manu
Bobsmif (5:13:20 PM): or maybe both vs. Pop.
Bobsmif (5:13:22 PM): I dunno.

poundingtherock (5:14:18 PM): There's no fucking way I am going back and fixing 400 uncapitalized words, ok?

Bobsmif (5:14:28 PM): There's this great youtube clip out there of some argentinian tv show where they play this song and and all of Duncan's lowlights during the '05 finals and pretty much make fun of him the whole time, I guess because Manu didn't win the Finals MVP.

Bobsmif (5:14:40 PM): Okay, I will capitalize from now on.

poundingtherock (5:14:52 PM): And periods. Lots of periods.

Bobsmif (5:14:56 PM): Yes, sir.

poundingtherock (5:15:10 PM): You're cooperation is appreciated.

Bobsmif (5:15:17 PM): Youtube is crazy. In fact, I'm going to post a couple of the more demented links I've found.
Bobsmif (5:15:27 PM): Some people out there are sicker than me.

poundingtherock (5:16:01 PM): And Tim Duncan winning the 2005 Finals MVP damn near ruined the whole title for me.

Bobsmif (5:16:09 PM): That can't be true.

poundingtherock (5:16:37 PM): Careful what you post on PtR. I am visually sensitive.
poundingtherock (5:16:44 PM): Especially to violence.

Bobsmif (5:16:48 PM): So are the people who have to look at you.

poundingtherock (5:17:04 PM): You're much funnier when you're trying.

Bobsmif (5:17:08 PM): Thanks.
Bobsmif (5:17:16 PM): I'll try when I get paid.

poundingtherock (5:17:50 PM): So we agree, Spurs in five. Let's move on to the Eastern Conference.

Bobsmif (5:18:07 PM): Well, we can explore the Spurs more later, but I agree, East we go.
Bobsmif (5:18:17 PM): Cavs in four. The Wiz shouldn't even be in the playoffs.
Bobsmif (5:18:32 PM): Like they should forfeit and beg to be in the lottery instead.

poundingtherock (5:18:57 PM): How many shots in Antawn Jamison going to put up this series?
poundingtherock (5:18:59 PM): 160?

Bobsmif (5:19:03 PM): But there literally are no teams in the East less pathetic. Indy is terible. I had no idea they'd be so bad.
Bobsmif (5:19:20 PM): No. I'd go with 125 before he begs out.
Bobsmif (5:20:02 PM): If the Cavs don't sweep I will openly taunt LeBron and his coach for the rest of the playoffs.

poundingtherock (5:20:09 PM): Do the Heat have a prayer against CHI?
poundingtherock (5:20:19 PM): I say no.

Bobsmif (5:20:33 PM): Yeah. It's fashionable these days to make fun of Wade, but I think he's a pretty special player. And strong willed.

poundingtherock (5:20:34 PM): And Shaq's a fatty.
poundingtherock (5:21:15 PM): You're wrong. CHI in five.

Bobsmif (5:21:16 PM): I know Hollinger dismisses the Heat completely, but I can only wish to be so confident.
Bobsmif (5:21:39 PM): I think Chi in 7, and only because Wade will be worn down.

Bobsmif (5:44:32 PM): omg. He hit another one.
Bobsmif (5:44:36 PM): fuckin' a.

poundingtherock (5:45:03 PM): He's been the best player in baseball for a long time now.

Bobsmif (5:45:15 PM): Not last year.
Bobsmif (5:45:27 PM): It doesn't matter, we shouldn't be talking about it.

poundingtherock (5:45:37 PM): Plus you're wrong, so there's little point.
poundingtherock (5:45:44 PM): DET in 4, right?

Bobsmif (5:45:48 PM): Poor Coco Crisp damn near killed himself.
Bobsmif (5:46:13 PM): I say five. I think the Turk and Howard will be good for a courtesy Game 3 home win.

poundingtherock (5:46:39 PM): Fuck the EC.
poundingtherock (5:46:44 PM): Let's move on.

Bobsmif (5:46:46 PM): There'll be one game where Detroit will totally puss out and 'Sheed will shoot too many horrible threes.
Bobsmif (5:47:29 PM): I wish I could believe you though about the Heat going down so easy.
Bobsmif (5:47:48 PM): I kinda wish we could play them in the finals. It'd be the perfect ending.

poundingtherock (5:47:57 PM): Only the refs and Ben Gordon can save them.

Bobsmif (5:48:35 PM): I think we have the perfect setup for teams I hate in the playoffs. Den-Phx-Dal-Mia.
Bobsmif (5:48:41 PM): I'm openly rooting for this.

poundingtherock (5:49:15 PM): Does the first round match up against DEN worry you in the least?

Bobsmif (5:49:31 PM): No. Not in the least. They have nobody who can guard Manu or Tony.
Bobsmif (5:49:49 PM): Spurs in 5.
Bobsmif (5:50:02 PM): Carmelo will average 25 a game, but on 23 shots.
Bobsmif (5:50:13 PM): Ditto AI.
Bobsmif (5:50:25 PM): What is that, like 30 shots for everyone else?
Bobsmif (5:51:07 PM): Their greatest weapon is transition, just like Phoenix, and we snuff that shit right off in the playoffs.
Bobsmif (5:51:35 PM): Tim can play help defense in the lane all he wants because their inside game is a joke.

poundingtherock (5:51:52 PM): That's a good point.

Bobsmif (5:52:00 PM): And we can throw the occasional double at Melo just to piss him off.

poundingtherock (5:52:18 PM): He's a horrible passer, too.

Bobsmif (5:52:43 PM): I think both Tony and AI will be going under screens, but at this point I think I trust Tony's jumper a bit more.
Bobsmif (5:52:49 PM): I'm as shocked by this as you are.
Bobsmif (5:53:03 PM): He'll take less horrible ones than Iverson will.

poundingtherock (5:53:39 PM): You know what worries me the most about this series? Najera

Bobsmif (5:53:49 PM): What he's gonna goon it up?
Bobsmif (5:53:59 PM): I'm more worried about Nutgrabber.

poundingtherock (5:54:26 PM): He's previously been very adept at frustrating Duncan, and that has a way of frustrating the whole Spurs team.

Bobsmif (5:55:01 PM): I think we can foul him out in 5 minutes if we wanted to. Just have T & M jump right into him repeatedly on drives.
Bobsmif (5:55:20 PM): Might get a couple T's out of John Lithgow out of it too.

poundingtherock (5:55:44 PM): I remember him causing havoc in the Steve Kerr DAL series.

Bobsmif (5:55:56 PM): I think you think more of him as a player than I do.
Bobsmif (5:56:10 PM): If Duncan comes out pissed there's really nothing he can do.
Bobsmif (5:56:23 PM): And if the banker is falling, he might as well just sit on the bench.

poundingtherock (5:56:27 PM): One would think it should be that easy.
poundingtherock (5:57:02 PM): And I do think Duncan is playing better than the last time we won, so he may bat Eduardo away with ease.

Bobsmif (5:57:07 PM): The helpful Denver media has given us a couple of bulletin board quotes. For what it's worth.

poundingtherock (5:57:22 PM): Link?

Bobsmif (5:57:34 PM): Me and my big mouth.
Bobsmif (5:59:08 PM):
Bobsmif (6:00:19 PM):

poundingtherock (6:00:26 PM): Is the columnist the same moron who trashed Manu back in 05?

Bobsmif (6:00:36 PM): No, I think that was Bernie Lincicome.
Bobsmif (6:00:49 PM): This guy calls Timmy a whiner in one article and a robot in the 2nd.
Bobsmif (6:01:10 PM): It's like the most disrespectful treatment of a superstar I've ever read.

poundingtherock (6:02:17 PM): Does any city hate Manu as much as DEN?

Bobsmif (6:02:32 PM): Well Detroit might be in two months if we get lucky.
Bobsmif (6:02:38 PM): Oh, and Phoenix.
Bobsmif (6:03:38 PM): You know what would earn Manu a lot of respect around the league? If he sucker punched somebody during a scrum and then ran backwards 65 feet.

poundingtherock (6:03:51 PM): That wasn't a sucker punch.
poundingtherock (6:04:05 PM): Carmelo was looking the guy straight in the face.
poundingtherock (6:04:13 PM): I've been sucker punched. I know the difference.

Bobsmif (6:04:21 PM): The other guy was being held down.

poundingtherock (6:04:22 PM): Now, he did punch like a girl.
poundingtherock (6:04:25 PM): I'll give you that.
poundingtherock (6:04:36 PM): I punch like a girl. I know the difference.

Bobsmif (6:05:02 PM): I can totally kick your ass. Don't mess with me, Powell.

poundingtherock (6:05:21 PM): I've never been in a fight.
poundingtherock (6:05:30 PM): So you're probably right.

Bobsmif (6:05:33 PM): Just like the Spurs.
poundingtherock (6:05:52 PM): The first thing I would do is probably try to kick you in the nuts.
poundingtherock (6:06:02 PM): And then I'd try to gouge out one or both of your eyes.

Bobsmif (6:06:10 PM): That's kinda dirty.

poundingtherock (6:06:20 PM): It's a fight, not a chess match,
poundingtherock (6:06:33 PM): I'm from the mean streets of San Antonio.

Bobsmif (6:06:50 PM): I'm from the rough and tumble streets of south central Burlingame.
Bobsmif (6:06:56 PM): 650 represent.
Bobsmif (6:07:53 PM): But um, no, at the risk of tempting fate, I do not fear the Nuggs. We've kicked their asses too thoroughly during the regular season for me to respect them.
Bobsmif (6:08:18 PM): I'm more worried about them injurying one of our guys (i.e. Manu) than of being upset.
Bobsmif (6:08:35 PM): Spurs in 5, six if they're sloppy.

poundingtherock (6:08:38 PM): I only have a couple more minutes.

Bobsmif (6:08:41 PM): what?

poundingtherock (6:08:52 PM): I have to do that podcast at 6:30 dude.

Bobsmif (6:08:57 PM): Well come back after.

poundingtherock (6:09:02 PM): Well blow me.

Bobsmif (6:09:14 PM): No.

poundingtherock (6:09:20 PM): Well there you go.
poundingtherock (6:09:28 PM): DAL in 5. What say you?

Bobsmif (6:09:32 PM): I say 6.
Bobsmif (6:09:36 PM): I say it's 2-2 after 4.

poundingtherock (6:09:56 PM): Who's more overrated: Nellie or Karl?

Bobsmif (6:10:02 PM): Karl, by a mile.
Bobsmif (6:10:12 PM): At least Nellie invented somethign.
Bobsmif (6:10:17 PM): however idiotic it is.

poundingtherock (6:10:38 PM): Karl seems more like a bitch.
poundingtherock (6:10:44 PM): I'm editing that out.
poundingtherock (6:10:54 PM): That's off the record.

Bobsmif (6:10:55 PM): I don't understand what makes him perceived as a good coach.
Bobsmif (6:11:03 PM): What is his claim to fame.

poundingtherock (6:11:06 PM): I say the same about Nellie.
poundingtherock (6:11:13 PM): His career record is barely over 500.

Bobsmif (6:11:17 PM): Nellie upset the Spurs and the Jazz as a 7 seed.

poundingtherock (6:11:20 PM): He's never come close to winning anything.
poundingtherock (6:11:26 PM): So what?

Bobsmif (6:11:29 PM): It's something.

poundingtherock (6:11:40 PM): Karl upset the Sonics as a 1 seed.

Bobsmif (6:11:46 PM): He takes below average teams and makes them above average.
Bobsmif (6:11:58 PM): Karl was the coach of those Sonics that got upset dude.

poundingtherock (6:12:08 PM): Oh yeah.
poundingtherock (6:12:12 PM): HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Bobsmif (6:12:14 PM): Not a feather in his cap.

poundingtherock (6:12:19 PM): I'm really stupid.

Bobsmif (6:12:26 PM): I'm slowly discovering this.

poundingtherock (6:12:34 PM): I don't want to be a Spurs blogger anymore.

Bobsmif (6:12:39 PM): Why?

poundingtherock (6:12:45 PM): I just want to pee my pants and sleep a lot.
poundingtherock (6:12:52 PM): Origami.

Bobsmif (6:12:56 PM): You're so depressing.

poundingtherock (6:13:12 PM): I think you're the second person this week that told me that.
poundingtherock (6:13:31 PM): Yesterday I took a ride with a schizophrenic and a man suffering from autism.

Bobsmif (6:13:41 PM): I think you'll cheer up next time you meet some woman you like.

poundingtherock (6:13:58 PM): Thanks Dr.

Bobsmif (6:14:12 PM): It's just how we're programmed. People need companionship.

poundingtherock (6:14:19 PM): Now I'm just being mean. I'm sorry.

Bobsmif (6:14:24 PM): No you're not.
Bobsmif (6:14:41 PM): I think it's why people like sports a lot. The feeling of being a part of something.

poundingtherock (6:14:47 PM): I'll talk atchya later. Gotta pull up some stats for the podcast. Numbers are my friends.

Bobsmif (6:14:48 PM): And the latent homosexuality.
Bobsmif (6:15:03 PM): Great. You better come back, this isn't finished Powell.
Bobsmif (6:15:13 PM): I expect you by 7:15 latest.

poundingtherock (7:03:27 PM): Hi.

Bobsmif (7:03:42 PM): Hi, sunshine.

poundingtherock (7:03:51 PM): PISS THE FUCK OFF.
poundingtherock (7:03:52 PM): =)

Bobsmif (7:04:02 PM): Somebody needs to up their dosage.

poundingtherock (7:04:21 PM): Are we done talking about the Nuggets series?

Bobsmif (7:04:36 PM): Tim, Manu, Tony, nuff said. Spurs in 5.5

poundingtherock (7:05:02 PM): I'm going to pretend you didn't just write "nuff said."

Bobsmif (7:05:33 PM): Geez, I hope that doesn't discredit me in the eyes of our millions of readers.

poundingtherock (7:06:07 PM): Do the Lakers have a chance against Nash and company?

Bobsmif (7:06:20 PM): I think it'll go six. The Lakers have talent.
Bobsmif (7:06:30 PM): They just have to figure out that Smush Parker sucks.

poundingtherock (7:07:08 PM): That could go a long way in helping the Lakers. I like the fact that Smush doesn't even pretend to play defense. It's like he's putting together an audition tape for the And1 tour.
poundingtherock (7:07:26 PM): I think Kobe will single-handedly win one game; Suns in 5.

Bobsmif (7:07:37 PM): I've already told my Smush story of when I knew he wasn't an NBA player. It came after a Spurs-Lakers game last year.

poundingtherock (7:08:00 PM): Did you write it up for PtR?

Bobsmif (7:08:06 PM): Maybe in some diary.

poundingtherock (7:08:21 PM): I'll look for it and provide a link.
poundingtherock (7:08:25 PM): Or not. One of the two.

Bobsmif (7:08:31 PM): Basically, it was that game in LA where both Finley and Manu hit 5 threes.

poundingtherock (7:08:48 PM): I don't remember that.

Bobsmif (7:08:51 PM): Afterward, some LA reporter interviewed Smush.

poundingtherock (7:08:54 PM): You're a much better Spurs fan that me.

Bobsmif (7:09:23 PM): And he said something like, "We had a really tough time against Finley and ... (he thought about it) and Rick Barry?
Bobsmif (7:09:47 PM): He pays so little attention on the floor and the bench and the film sessions that he confused Manu for Brent and Brent for his dad.
Bobsmif (7:10:14 PM): Mariano just blew a save to the Sox. Fans are going nuts.

poundingtherock (7:10:25 PM): I'm watching.
poundingtherock (7:10:44 PM): Coco Crisp and Julio Lugo are too much for Mariano!

Bobsmif (7:10:47 PM): Can't wait for Papelbon-A-Rod in the 9th.

poundingtherock (7:11:23 PM): Yeah.

Bobsmif (7:11:25 PM): But yeah, my point is that after that game I knew Smush was much too stupid and careless to ever make it in the NBA.
Bobsmif (7:11:34 PM): Sorry to go all Charley Rosen on you.

poundingtherock (7:11:46 PM): Oooh.
poundingtherock (7:11:59 PM): Mariano just buzzed the tower.

Bobsmif (7:12:18 PM): The Sox are only my 3rd favorite team now behind the Giants and Dodgers.
Bobsmif (7:12:25 PM): And yes, I know how stupid that sentence looks.
Bobsmif (7:12:29 PM): Very aware.

poundingtherock (7:12:57 PM): Similarly to "nuff said," I'll let that go.

Bobsmif (7:13:01 PM): Great.
Bobsmif (7:13:05 PM): You're so merciful.

poundingtherock (7:13:16 PM): I prefer magnanimous,.

Bobsmif (7:13:22 PM): Whatever dollface.

poundingtherock (7:13:31 PM): Wanna makeout?

Bobsmif (7:13:37 PM): No.

poundingtherock (7:13:43 PM): Fucking tease.

Bobsmif (7:13:52 PM): I have to give the Lakers two games just for the gigantic coaching disparity.

poundingtherock (7:14:07 PM): Phil Jackson is the most overrated coach in the history of organized sports.

Bobsmif (7:14:14 PM): I disagree completely.

poundingtherock (7:14:20 PM): You're completely wrong.

Bobsmif (7:14:26 PM): If Phil coached the Spurs we'd be working a five peat.

poundingtherock (7:14:59 PM): Phil would be a horrible coach for Tim Duncan.
poundingtherock (7:15:04 PM): Absolutely horrible.

Bobsmif (7:15:15 PM): He knows how to use post players. He got Shaq to play.

poundingtherock (7:15:52 PM): He got Shaq to play by having a reputation and stroking Shaq's ego; neither of those tactics would work with Duncan.

Bobsmif (7:16:11 PM): Duncan doesn't need tactics. He's a professional and internally motivated.
Bobsmif (7:16:20 PM): He's not some clown.

poundingtherock (7:16:48 PM): Jackson if flash and glitz. He's Chicago, New York, L.A.

Bobsmif (7:17:00 PM): Yeah, when I think of glitz I think of Chicago.

poundingtherock (7:17:40 PM): Yeah, the same city where they're building a 150 story, 2000 foot tall skyscraper designed by Calatrava.

Bobsmif (7:17:56 PM): I don't know who that is and the fact that you do doesn't impress me.

poundingtherock (7:18:27 PM): Wait. Do you think your opinion of me matters? I wish it did.

Bobsmif (7:18:43 PM): I know it does.
Bobsmif (7:19:12 PM): You're like horiffically insecure. You wear swimming trunks to the shower when you're alone at home.

Bobsmif (7:19:39 PM): Why is Papelbon not in?

poundingtherock (7:19:50 PM): I was wondering the same thing.
poundingtherock (7:20:10 PM): Had sex with Katie lately?

Bobsmif (7:20:38 PM): I'm sure they have a good reason. And no. I'll make sure to announce when I do. But I did think of like the greatest b-day present for her in the history of b-day presents.
Bobsmif (7:20:42 PM): It will never be topped.
Bobsmif (7:20:49 PM): I'm a genuis.

poundingtherock (7:20:59 PM): "I'll make sure to announce when I do." Exactly my point.

Bobsmif (7:21:09 PM): I got your point.
Bobsmif (7:21:14 PM): I was having fun with you.

poundingtherock (7:21:25 PM): So what is the gift, genuis.

Bobsmif (7:22:07 PM): I e-mailed the authors of her favorite comic strip, and they're gonna use her name and likeness on her birthday for a strip.
Bobsmif (7:22:21 PM): She will freak the fuck out.

poundingtherock (7:22:32 PM): Wow. That is freaking awesome.
poundingtherock (7:22:35 PM): You must really like this girl.

Bobsmif (7:22:42 PM): It was just this idea that came to me.

poundingtherock (7:22:55 PM): Let's put this on hold during A Rod's at bat.

Bobsmif (7:23:06 PM): I like to take pride in being quirky a la Gilbert Arenas.
Bobsmif (7:24:08 PM): Did Papelbon pitch too much yesterday? Is he hurt?

poundingtherock (7:25:41 PM): Nice 3-2 pitch.

Bobsmif (7:25:55 PM): Yup. That's the A-Rod I know and love.

poundingtherock (7:26:29 PM): Which comic strip is Katie's favorite?

Bobsmif (7:26:48 PM): It's some random online thing called "White Ninja."
Bobsmif (7:26:55 PM): I very rarely find it funny, but she digs it.

poundingtherock (7:27:00 PM): Ninjas are fucking cool.

Bobsmif (7:27:05 PM): I guess.
Bobsmif (7:27:31 PM): Let's just say if she liked something popular like Sherman's Lagoon, I'd probably have a harder time of it.

poundingtherock (7:27:34 PM): For the third time during this chat I am forced to pretend you didn't just write that.
poundingtherock (7:27:43 PM): The "I guess" bit.
poundingtherock (7:28:01 PM): So Utah vs. the Rockets.

Bobsmif (7:28:01 PM): Except I know I don't care what you think.

poundingtherock (7:28:23 PM): Yeah, that's why you've sent me how many emails asking if I was mad at you?

Bobsmif (7:28:44 PM): That's not because of me, I worry about your mental state.

poundingtherock (7:29:00 PM): Ha!

Bobsmif (7:29:08 PM): I don't want to be a part of your six state killing spree.

poundingtherock (7:29:27 PM): Too soon.
poundingtherock (7:29:43 PM): UTA/HOU. What's your pick.

Bobsmif (7:30:01 PM): Houston in 7. They're too mentally wimpy to finish 'em off sooner.
poundingtherock (7:30:14 PM): What about New Jersey / Toronto

Bobsmif (7:30:31 PM): T Dot in 7.
Bobsmif (7:30:40 PM): Go ahead, make fun of that too.

poundingtherock (7:31:05 PM): I can't make fun of what I don't get in the first place.

Bobsmif (7:31:13 PM): It's just a nickname for the city.
Bobsmif (7:31:21 PM): The locals are quite fond of it

poundingtherock (7:31:24 PM): Oh. Didn't know that. I'm a country boy.

Bobsmif (7:31:34 PM): You and Bob Denver.

poundingtherock (7:31:46 PM): So we've covered all the series, right?

Bobsmif (7:31:55 PM): In less copious detail than I'd like.
Bobsmif (7:32:06 PM): But you're too busy to be bothered.

poundingtherock (7:32:15 PM): It's a chat. Chats do not lend themselves to detail.

Bobsmif (7:32:20 PM): Bah.
Bobsmif (7:32:35 PM): You'd be a perfect sportswriter because you already hate sports.

poundingtherock (7:32:41 PM): Thanks.

Bobsmif (7:33:19 PM): You're welcome.
Bobsmif (7:33:43 PM): So you gonna write this puppy up and fix it so it's entertaining?

poundingtherock (7:34:00 PM): I'm not sure that's possible.

Bobsmif (7:34:02 PM): Basically just take out all the parts where you're typing.

poundingtherock (7:34:08 PM): I didn't give you much to work with.

Bobsmif (7:34:13 PM): You never do.
Bobsmif (7:34:39 PM): If it doesn't involve some guy with a 50 inch vertical or a big nose, you can't be bothered.

poundingtherock (7:34:46 PM): I won't be watching the game live on Sunday, but I'll be doing a recap for every game. I encourage you to do the same.

Bobsmif (7:35:07 PM): I'll stick to my regular schedule.

poundingtherock (7:35:14 PM): That works for me.
poundingtherock (7:35:20 PM): Thanks for your help.

Bobsmif (7:35:28 PM): So you putting this up on ptr?
Bobsmif (7:35:38 PM): I don't even know what our consensus was on anything.
Bobsmif (7:35:45 PM): Do we disagree on any series?

poundingtherock (7:35:46 PM): Yeah, by noon tomorrow.
poundingtherock (7:36:05 PM): I'll include a summary of picks, etc.
poundingtherock (7:36:14 PM): We agree on all the series winners.

Bobsmif (7:36:21 PM): Wow. We sink or swim together.

poundingtherock (7:36:34 PM): Peas in a pod.

Bobsmif (7:36:40 PM): You did go 15 for 15 in '05.
Bobsmif (7:36:49 PM): I don't think that's ever gonna happen again.

poundingtherock (7:37:07 PM): I don't remember going 15 for 15.

Bobsmif (7:37:19 PM): I read your blog, it looked that way.

poundingtherock (7:37:26 PM): I'm smrt.

Bobsmif (7:37:48 PM): You even bragged about being off by 3 total games in the 8 series.

poundingtherock (7:38:23 PM): That I remember. I don't remember picking the other 7 series right. Not that it matters.

Bobsmif (7:38:33 PM): You did, I assure you.
Bobsmif (7:38:56 PM): Would you like for me to send you the youtube links, just to make this thing a little more colorful?

poundingtherock (7:39:07 PM): Sure.

Bobsmif (7:39:28 PM): I will look.
Bobsmif (7:39:44 PM): you been reading my shit on ptr or what?

poundingtherock (7:40:02 PM): Yeah. You're still a good writer.

Bobsmif (7:40:17 PM): Yes, I'm awesome.


Stampler's picks:

DAL over GS in 6
PHX over LAL in 6
SA over DEN in 5
HOU over UTA in 7

DET over ORL in 5
CLE over WAS in 4
TOR over NJ in 7
CHI over MIA in 7

Matthew's picks:

DAL over GS in 5
PHX over LAL in 5
SA over DEN in 5
HOU over UTA in 7

DET over ORL in 4
CLE over WAS in 5
NJ over TOR in 6
CHI over MIA in 5


The NBA playoffs are complicated. The variables involved are numerous. There's the obvious aggregated skills of any one team's players, but one should also consider the variables affecting the expression of those skills. Such as injury, scheduling, coaching substitution patterns, opponent match-ups, differences in refereeing style, foul trouble, personal problems, illness. The list goes on, with variables of differing importance, and that importance likely varies from team to team. It's enough, if you choose to contemplate it, to make your head spin.

We, as a society, abhor complication. We desire convenience and consume simplification. Sportswriters, knowingly or otherwise, respond to this desire by picking one variable and amplifying it's important. Find one small thing, magnify it and portend the whole playoffs is riding on its shoulders.


Tim Duncan is playing better than he did the last time the Spurs won the title. He shot 54.6% from the field for the season, his best mark since his rookie campaign. He shot 55.4% in March and 63.5% in April.

He took a team comprised largely of 30+ year old wingmen on their last legs and once again anchored a defense in the top two in defensive efficiency.

He publicly denounced the NBA's most experienced referee and came out victorious. Duncan appears healthy, confident, prepared.

At some point in the Denver series, George Karl will send in the goons. Whether it be in the form of Reggie Evans or Eduardo Najera, the instructions will be the same. Beat up and frustrate Tim Duncan. Push. Hack. Hold. Scratch. Grab (his balls).

This tactic has proven fruitful in the past. The question is how will Duncan respond? Will he get frustrated? Will he look to the refs to relieve him of these pests? Will he be happy to, in these moments, allow his teammates to shine?

Or will he press the issue and attack the smaller man? Will he go right at a player who should have no business believing he can check the three time Finals MVP? Will he exert his dominance?

That, my friends, is the rub. What it all boils down to.

And I believe Tim will come through. I believe it's time for The Reclamation.