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Playoff Seedings (Oh, and James White Content, Of Course)

Your playoff seedings, including all games played through Monday night.

  1. DAL 64-13 -
  2. PHX 58-19 -6
  3. SA 56-21 -8
  4. UTA 48-29 -16
  5. HOU 49-29 -15.5
  6. DEN 41-36 -23
  7. LAL 40-38 -24.5
  8. GS 38-40 -26.5
  9. LAC 37-39 -26.5
  10. NO 36-41 -28
The Lakers lost to Denver tonight, and the Nuggets therefore have the tiebreaker over L.A. So the Nuggets would have to lose at least 3 of their last 5 games for LA to have a shot at the 6th seed. Assuming they even want it. See the new, related poll.

And now for the obligatory James White content. I only saw the second half, where he played the whole fourth quarter. Spectacular he wasn't, but he never seemed out of place on either end. His stats suggested he played much better in the first, where he hit two jumpers, including a 3.

Oh, and he sort of led the team in +|-, with +19. What does that mean? It means the team, as a whole, played well, in comparison to the opponent, while he was on the court. That's it. Nothing more.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, his discarded fingernail clippings are used as currency in Moldova.