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Game Thread # 73 -- @ Indiana

Note: Racial slurs are not allowed on this blog. If I see them I will the delete the comment. I don't care if they are used in jest or not. The same goes for defamatory words describing homosexuals. No exceptions. (Except for that one those three times I called Chris Kaman a cracker.) I've only had to delete a couple comments; I apologize if I missed any others. This note is meant more as a message of reassurance to the entire community; not as a warning to the individual.

The Mavericks are currently getting pounded by PHX, putting the Spurs once again 2.5 games back of the 2nd seed. The Suns have some tough games remaining: @SA, @LAL, LAL, @UTA, @HOU and LAC. Luckily HOU should still have something to play for that late in the season; they are fighting UTA for home court advantage in the first round.

A James White related note: when the NBA changed the playoff seeding guidelines, they also changed the playoff roster regulations.

The league's board of governors also voted to expand the postseason rosters to 15, instead of 13, with 12 players active for each game. That duplicates the rule used in the regular season.

I note the above knowing full well that White's chances of playing in the post season are somewhere between 0 and 1%, but this way I have the option of unleashing the full fury of my ire, knowing White is at least eligible. Furthermore, I realize this constant touting of White reduces my credibility in the eyes of many. I don't give a shit. I am convinced, without any doubt, that Michael Finley is the iron ball chained to this team's ankle.

So this is the open thread for the Pacers game. I am not even sure I will be able to watch it. I just finished moving (though I haven't really started moving in) and school starts this week. Not to mention I have to pay my taxes by, uh, Thursday? Oh, yeah, I'm living in this house owned by a woman who's vacationing in Europe. So I have to figure out how to get my cable (NBA League Pass) transferred and figure out the whole internet situation.

Post away.