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Game Thread # 59 -- @ Houston

You know what happens when I lose internet access for 48 hours? Well, there's the deep, dark depression, but I also nearly missed an entire Spurs game. Didn't realize the Spurs were playing Orlando Friday night until the game was already half over. This can also be partly blamed on my schedule I added to the left sidebar of PtR; it's missing the ORL game. Dammit Stampler! (Yeah, I did that, not him, but still.)

So, yeah, sorry for the lack of a game thread. Sorry for my general disappearance. I'll make it up to all of you after I make it up to myself for wasting the first 29 years of my life.

Tonight the Spurs face the Yaoless Rockets. His replacement, Dikembe "Who Wants to Sex" Mutumbo, had 22 rebounds last night. 22. Twenty-two. Veinte dos. The man's gets the senior citizen plate at Luby's one night and grabs 22 rebounds the next. And Fabricio can go 10 minutes at a time without grabbing a board. My point? Fabricio needs to get his ass to Luby's and load up on some Lu Ann platters. Do they still have those tasty rolls?

I recently watched the first season of The Wire and I've decided I'm going to dabble in the drug business. I'll be the guy who dresses real nice, wears glasses, finds respectable fronts for the dirty money, tells the muscle who to kill... that sort of stuff. Is there a graduate program for that sort of stuff? Maybe distance learning via the internets? I'm already learning the lingo:

I gots to get my moneys right.

And I no longer talk in the car, either. You never know who's listening.

Tonight's lines:

SA @ HOU: HOU +4.5
ORL @ DAL: DAL -13.5

Post away.