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Well, Uh, Shit Fuck Bollocks

I thought stampler told me the game was Thursday. Am I blaming him? No. I mean, yeah, it's his fault I missed tonight's game. And it's his fault there wasn't a game thread. But I'm not blaming him.

Anyways, I've decided not to watch any more Spurs games. I'm saying the Spurs are predictable, no more, no less. Before I watch any of the games I can easily predict that at some point there will be a bunch of little details I care little about, there will be a premature benching of Barry or Elson without an account of how well there backups perform (Finley still has the worst net +|- on the team), and some good old-fashioned ball-hogging to reinforce the notion that Tony takes too many shots. (Interesting fact, of that first 2072 minutes Parker has been on the court the Spurs have scored 109.9 points per 100 possessions. During that time, the Spurs record assists on 56% of their made field goals. When's he's not on the court the Spurs are a whopping 0.4 points worse per 100 possessions and the Spurs record assists on 68% of their field goals. Shouldn't a starting point guard be more beneficial to the offense, especially when his backups are named Jacque and Beno? Props to

I'm saying the major flaws of this team can be explained by something as simple as "Michael Finley plays too much" and "Michael Finley shoots too much when he's playing" yet the majority of games involve smaller details that get overemphasized. For example, Bruce Bowen going 1-8 or Timmeh fighting off the runs for a quarter and a half. What's the point of addressing issues that won't have a bearing on the Spurs success in the playoffs?

Oh, and just to clear up any possible rumors of stampler being my boyfriend... alas, he's not. FirebatMIV would kill me if I cheated on him.