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If Michael Finley Finds a Basketball in the Forest, Does He Shoot It?

Well, since I gave stampler shit for taking forever to post his game recaps, I am pretty much obligated to scrape something together about last night's Clipper game. But, man, was it a snooze-fest. Everyone knew who was going to win that game. The fans knew, I knew, even the players knew except for Jason Hart. Awww, he tries so hard, it's almost cute. I ain't trying to hurt nobodys' feelings, but I'd rather have Jacque Vaughn.

Tu madre es una gata barrata! (Photo: Tom Reel / Express News)

Who the hell was the color guy working with Dave Barnett? He was fucking awful. I'd rather listen to a 4 year old babble on about Veggie Tales.

Oh, shit, I know this cracka ain't blocking my shizzle. (Photo: Tom Reel / Express News)

I must congratulate the Clippers on their remarkable achievement last night. It only took them 4 games to get a lead against the Spurs. That's right, their 2-0 advantage last night was their first lead against SA all season. And they even managed to lead after one quarter! Kudos.

Frenchie McWonderbutts did as he pleased all night, going for 25 on 8-16 and getting to the line for 12 attempts.

Sacre bleu! Zees crackehr smells foony! (Photo: Tom Reel / Express News)

The Spurs came out defensively timid in the second half, so Pop scapegoated the usual suspects, pulling Parker and Barry for Vaughn and Finley a minute into the third. The Clippers then went on to score on 6 of their next 7 possessions. Hmm. Maybe Pop should try subbing the entire team next time. That would be all sorts of dramatic.

Finley continued in his attempts to drive me to a premature death. 13 points on 12 FGAs. Barry had 2 FGA. I'm going to force myself to stop there.

This cracker best not fall on tops of me. (Photo: Tom Reel / Express News)

Big game on ESPN tonight: Suns at Dallas. The Mavericks are 4 point favorites. A Suns win puts them only 2.5 games back of DAL. I don't see that happening, though... DAL by 12.