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I Don't Understand French Rapping, French People or French Humor

First clip is via SlamOnline, the rest I dug up from YouTube.

Hmm. Apparently there aren't French words for "DJ" or "boom." And are they saying "banos banos banos banos banos troi?" Because in Spanish that's pretty much "bathroom bathroom bathroom bathroom bathroom three." And I'm no rap producer, but you don't hear Jay-Zizzle rapping about three bathrooms. Maybe seven, or eight bathrooms, but not three.

Just what the shit are Brent Barry and Nazr Mohammed doing in a rap video? And just what the shit does Brent Barry have on his head? And why can't I buy a Nike sweatshirt with Tony Parker's logo?

I... umm... I... just... well... yeah.

Frenchie McWonderbutt in full effect!